How to Annoy: People on Facebook (15 ways)

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1. Private message someone and send them loads of creepy videos or pictures

2. Post the same status every day, three times a day: "Barney loves you"

3. Share pictures of hairless cats on the Justin Bieber fan pages

4. Like and Unlike the same picture over and over again

5. Update your status every 5 minutes: "Just brushed my teeth" "Just ate a piece of toast!" "Just ate my other piece of toast!" "#MarcoFiveEver" "Draw A Circle That's the Earth!" "I finished page one of a 'How to Annoy People' book! Am I doing good?" "#SelfieSwag!!!!"

6. Post on picture's of crying babies on your friend's Facebook page

7. Hack into your friend's account and post as the status: "(friend's name) is being held hostage. If you ever want to see them again, send 300 poptarts to (some random place you find on Google Earth) or else I'll feed your precious (friend's name) to (some random monster from a fandom you're into: titans, Russia, demonic/crazy fangirls while (friend's name) is in cosplay, etc.)

8. Share gory pictures one day, then the next, my little pony

9. Share beautiful videos of wolves digging into dead deer or elk

10. Make an account called "Your Stalker". Try to friend everyone, fan every page, and like everyone's page. Every comment on their page shall consist of emoji eyes and the following: "I C U"

11. Start commenting in different languages

12. Act like you have a strange obsession with bacon

13. Ask some stranger what life means then put that as your Facebook status every morning

14. Share pictures of girls in bikinis and claim that's you

15. Comment words individually: I *comment* Like *comment* Your *comment* Tie! *comment*

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