Levi x Reader : The Dress

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"Levi~!" You called from your bedroom.

Levi, who was downstairs, groaned and walked up the stairs. "Why am I married to her?" He thought.

When you saw the tired-looking man step into the room, you smiled and twirled.

Those were the very few moments that made him smile.

"How is it?" You asked.

Levi plopped himself onto the bed and looked at your figure, "You look great." He loved the details of the dress you had on. It reminded him of the big day. The day when you walked down the aisle in that little white dress.

You noticed how Levi was looking at nothing else other than the dress. You thought to yourself and giggled, "Dang, do I look that good?"

Levi snapped out of it when he heard your giggle. "What?" He asked with a blank face.

"If you want to wear this dress, all you have to is ask. It took you quite a while to get your eyes off," You said as you smiled.

He rolled his eyes, "I would, but never in my life I'd wear that thing," He paused for a moment and still with no expression, "Only you would look perfect in it."

You were kind of offended when he described the dress as "that thing," but your face warmed up when you heard the second part. You walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down next to him. You rested your head on his shoulder and joked, "I bet you're wondering why we ended up getting married... We're like, complete opposites."

Levi whispered under his breath, "It's probably because I ended up loving you."

It was silent for a moment until you broke it, "You still want to wear that dress?" You smirked.

He gave you his boring death glare and said, "Get out."

"Oh snap~" You sang as you ran out of the room.

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