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Hi guys,
Do you still want to be called that?

It's Mitchell. I'm 14, male and I am pansexual.

I am in a relationship right now.

The memory I chose of Alec is when we got to meet Abby for the first time.

She was a bitch at first.

We went to the orphanage or "the home for wayward young souls" as the people were supposed to call it.

Little kids were running around, all of them laughing. A few ran up to us and tried to get our attention, but they didn't feel right.

Alec was polite and Mother and Father went to sign in as we walked around. We saw two people, one 14 and one 13. Abby was the 13, and the 14 was male.

He was talking about something, and she snapped "get the fuck out of here."
He didn't move and she just punched him, straight in the nose. It started bleeding and he looked shocked.
"Run home to your mommy before your friends find out you were beat by a girl." Abby snarled and he ran off.

Abby saw us staring at her and she hissed at us. She sounded just like a cat. We walked off and Alec started laughing.

"She's perfect." He said in between laughs. It was true, she fit perfectly in with our family. The head of "the home" led us around, Alec looking around for Abby, who's name we didn't know. The head of the orphanage was about to say something when rustling was heard from the tress above. A bunch of leaves and bugs fell on the headmistress's head, and she screeched.

    Turns out, that was Abby crawling around in the trees. The Headmistress shook the branch sharply and Abby fell out and rolled onto her feet. Much like a cat.

    She had cuts and bruises and scrapes all over her and her hair was a mess. Even though she was a mess, she still laughed when she saw the headmistress with bugs and leaves in her hair.

   Our parents along with the headmistress went inside for a cup of tea. They saw Alec's face, they knew they would be taking home Abby. They were going to get the paperwork and stuff.

  Abby sat there and started inspecting her knees which took most of the impact. Alec sat next to her and I watched as they talked and talked. Alec was laughing and smiling.

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