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Dear Smartasses,

It doesn't feel right calling you that when the original is gone.

My name is Sarah, I am a 15 year old lesbian. I have a girlfriend, maybe (I kinda screwed up).
Mitchell had an idea where we posted memories of Alec that we have.

Now when we learned about Alec's cancer, we started to keep journals. I have like eight filled with memories of Alec embarrassing himself or others, Alec playing with us, Alec laughing, and Alec crying.

I was Alec's dance partner. I had been his friend for three years or so.

In our dance studio, you have to selected for a duet or solo or trio. We both got a call from the studio saying they wanted us to do a solo. They knew Alec had cancer, but they thought he could do it.

We learned the song 'I don't wanna live forever' and danced to it.

The first time we got our costumes, mine was a dark red chest piece, and a long black flowy skirt. His was a dark red lose shirt and a pair of tight, but easy to dance in black pants. He had a black mask go put around his eyes while I had a red and black face mask with feathers on a stick.

    We tried them on and went to dance our dance in them. We were in sync and did it almost perfectly. We laughed a lot after, but in that dance it was just us and the music. He supported me when he needed to and I pulled off his mask when I need to. It was a moment when something between us clicked, we were good friends before, but now it was like I could read every emotion in his eyes and hear his thoughts.

    I wish I could have gotten a picture of his smile in that moment. He was so happy and I don't mean this as a sad post, I'm happy that a big memory I have of him was him being happy.


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