Flower Crowns of Broken Promises

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   Kiyomei quickly finished the last of the papers, scribbling her signature onto the lines of the paper and shoved it aside. She set her head onto her desk and deeply sighed, going through the paperwork took longer than expected. Her hand was swollen from writing so much but the throbbing pain was slowly easing. She lightly massaged it as she quickly stacked up the rest of the paper and hurried out of her room.

She didn't have an place to go but she would rather walk about the palace than staying in her room for the rest of the evening. Kiyomei was sore and tired from staying in the same position for so long but it was better now that she walked around and stretched her body out a bit. Her eyelids were heavy and a yawn escaped her lips, she took a sharp turn before a sharp pain erupted across her forehead.

"Ah shit- Oh! Prince Hakuryuu..." Kiyomei muttered the first part quietly before noticing the aqua haired prince on the ground. She quickly rushed to his side and helped him back up. "My apologies... I wasn't paying attention please forgive me..." Kiyomei let out a squeak and bowed her head in false apologies. Hakuryuu laughed lightly and rubbed the back of his head. "No worries, it was my fault as well. I wasn't quite paying attention either..."

Hakuryuu Ren, he looked promising as a prince. He may only be 12 but certainly had the same vibe as his brother, Kouen. Hakuryuu, Hakuei and Kouen all seemed very promising. Koumei and Kouha didn't have the same vibes as their other siblings and Kougyoku wasn't the greatest to fit the role of Empress.

Kiyomei glossed over his features, his signature scar over one side of his blue eyes made the 12 year old look slightly older than he actually is. He seemed so innocent yet has gone through so much despair at such a young age.

"How are you adjusting to the royal treatment Kiyomei?" Hakuryuu asked, gently dusting off the debris on his clothes, his mismatching eyes stared into Kiyomei's dark lilac hues. "Rather fine. How are you Hakuryuu?"

"I'm fine! Hakuei was helping me with my spear!" Hakuryuu smiled brightly at the mention of his dear sister. 'Must be nice... having a blood relative.'

"That's nice. Maybe we should spar sometimes?" Hakuryuu's eyes sparkled. "Really?! I would love to- Oh ah... but you're so much older and more experience than I am... aren't you like 24 Kiyomei?"

"Oh haha... you're right. I'll go easy on you then." Kiyomei laughed lightly, rubbing her neck. Hakuryuu frowned a bit, crossing his arms. "I don't care that I'm half your age! I would love to spar with you full force! So don't hold back!"

Kiyomei nodded, laughing. "Alright alright... once I'm done with all of my paperwork, I'll definitely spar with you."

Hakuryuu smiled, nodding his head in approval before he ran off to find his sister. Kiyomei sighed, walking off to the outside of the palace to receive some fresher air.

"Princess Kiyomei!"

The guards of the Imperial Palace rushed to Kiyomei's side quickly, urging her to stay within the palace. "Princess, you mustn't go outside. Something had happened in the city, one of the Imperial guards had been killed. It isn't safe outside."

Kiyomei narrowed her brows, murders weren't really a thing in the Kou Empire. Since it was such a militaristic kingdom, citizens were already afraid of the military. So who would be stupid enough to try to attract the military's attention with these killings.

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