"Just one more push, Katniss. You can do this," the doctor tells me, reassuringly. Peeta is right next to me and I am holding tight to his hand. I give one more push and then I hear a baby crying.

"You did it, Katniss! She's here!" Peeta says to me, smiling. He leans in and kisses me. The doctor looks at us.

"So, have you decided what you're naming her?" my doctor asks. I look at Peeta. He smiles.

"Rye Marie," he says. We decided that since he was named for a bread, and I for a plant, that we would switch it up. Name our little girl with a bread name, and, if we were to have one at some point, name our little boy after a plant. Peeta was hesitant at first, because he thought Rye was sort of boyish, but he couldn't hide the fact that he loved the idea.

"That's beautiful," the doctor says. My doctor hands Rye to a nurse to get cleaned up, then after a few minutes, gives her to me.

She has small, dark, baby hair that looks like it will be the same color as mine. Peeta looks at her in awe with so much love in his eyes.

"Peeta," I say, "would you like to hold your daughter?" He nods at me, and carefully lifts her from my arms.

He just smiles down at her in amazement. Then, a tear slips from Peeta's eye.

"She is so beautiful. Just like her mother," Peeta says. He kisses her forhead and hands her back to me. She lets out a little baby yawn and her eyes drift open.

"Peeta, look at me," I say. He does, and I stare at his eyes. I look back down at Rye. "Oh my goodness. Peeta, look. She has your eyes. They are identical." I am so greatful that she isn't an exact replica of me. I would much rather her have good looks like Peeta.

"I love you, Katniss. So, so much," Peeta says, looking strait into my eyes. Then he looks down at our little baby in my arms. "And I love you, my little Rye bread," he says, smiling as he tickles her belly with his finger.

-----3 years later-----

"Mumma," I feel a tiny body boost its way on top of my sleeping figure. I open my eyes to see a flour-faced Rye sitting on my abdomen. She smiles at me and grabs my hand. "Come mumma, food," she says as Peeta walks in the room with flour on his face as well. I sit up.

"What happened?" I ask, directing the question more towards Peeta, but tickling Rye.

"We made breakfast for you," Peeta says, smiling.

"The flour, I mean," I laugh.

"Things got a messy?" he says, but it ends up coming out more like a question.

"I'll clean her after we eat," I say, getting up. Rye hugs my leg and I pick her up. I start to walk to the kitchen, when Peeta's voice stops me.

"Hey, don't I get a kiss?" he says, smiling. I set Rye down on the floor and she turns down the hall and runs to the kitchen. I walk up to Peeta and put my hand on his chin, pulling towards my lips, but stopping short.

"Come ask me that after you get all that stuff off your face," I say with a smirk. I put my hand down, and walk out the door. But then Peeta pins me up against the wall in the hallway. "Peeta Mellark, don't even thi-" I start, but then he kisses me. He breaks away with a laugh, then walks down the hallway to the kitchen.

When I get to the table, Peeta is putting Rye in her high chair, so I sit down.

"So, what's for breakfast, daddy," I ask.

"Chocolate chip waffles and bacon," Peeta says as he sits down. "Alright, who wants to say the blessing?"

"I do it!" Rye says. We bow our heads as we hear her little 3 year old toddler voice saying, "Dear father, food, amen." Then she looks up at us with a pleased look on her face.

I look at Peeta and wonder why it took him so long to convince me to finally have children. I love her so much. Now I just have to tell him about the one inside me now.

(A/N: THE END! I am so excited yet sad that its over! But I'm actually thinking of doing a sequel! If enough of you guys comment saying that you want a sequel, then I will do it! But only if I get enough people! I want to thank my dear friend Brianna for helping get through his entire book! She told me what she thought I should do for this story and whenever I was stuck on something, I would ask her (which was like every chapter)! I would also like to thank any additional help I got for certain chapters. If you helped me, then I put a thank you note in the author's note of the chapter(s) you helped with! comment if you want a sequel and tell me how you liked my story! Y'all's comments help me to become a better writer, so thank you so much!)

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