Chapter 1

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Something was crawling across his feet, something scaly and scary. It was time for sleep not time for terror, but if there was going to be sleep in Sam's near future he was going to have to get rid of the nasty, terrifying, whatever that seemed to like crawling on his feet.

Carefully Sam turned on the lamp, then screamed, kicking the nasty across the room into the corner where it stayed twitching. He grabbed the bat he kept next to his bed for protection and went to the corner. He poked the nasty and it started to crawl away, but did so miserably with two legs broken. The second it started moving, Sam started beating it with the bat.

Don't go around thinking Sam was a wimp. He was tired, as it was 2:00 in the morning, and he was a bit tipsy from hanging out with his friends and girlfriend at the bar just a few blocks down the street.

The room was dim, the only source of light being the lamp on the opposite side of the room. Sam beat the unidentifiable nasty until he was sure it was dead. By now it looked like roadkill and left a mess on the carpet, but it was too late to do anything, and honestly he didn't really care. He just wanted to get some sleep.

When Sam woke up, that night's events came flooding back to him. He jumped out of bed to observe the nasty he'd killed. He sighed in relief, it was only a small lizard. Then he paused. Why the fuck had there been a lizard in his bed? He figured this was something to ask his landlord, so he didn't give it too much thought.

A disgusted look appeared on his face when he realized he'd have to pick it up. Sam searched desperately around his apartment for gloves or a paper towel, because God knows he wasn't going to touch it with his bare hands. He ended up using toilet paper. Sam picked it up by what he thought might be the tail and went out to his balcony to drop the lizard down into the alley, when a voice stopped him, "You killed her!"

You see, when the people were building these apartments, someone messed up. Two buildings were too close together, so there was only . About six inches between Sam's balcony and the balcony for the other building's resident.

"I what?" Sam asked.

"You killed Bertie! I mean I had no emotional connection to her. I only found her yesterday. But she had a name and probably a family. Imagine her babies and her mate all upset because Mommy never came home! Because you killed her!" A man on the opposite balcony exclaimed.

"Then why was it in my bed?" Sam asked. "And if you were so concerned about its family why'd you take it from where ever you found it?"

"She's a her not an it. And I don't know, she was cute. I guess I lost her though... but I could have sworn I closed my back door. Damn Bertie is a sly one."

"So you do have a connection. You did name her. I'm sorry I killed her." Sam said genuinely sorry.

"She doesn't mean anything to me. I said I had no emotional connection to her. I don't even want a lizard, I've got my cat Copernicus. Lizards are nasty creatures, why would God even create something so disgusting? I don't even know why I picked her up. Maybe she looked cute, but I'm dumb and I got her killed. Oh man! I'm a terrible person. Leave me to soak in my mise-"

"You are rambling." Sam said cutting him off.

The man blushed. "Sorry, I get that way sometimes..."

"Me too, but only around people I'm attracted to." Sam said, the man blushed again. "Oh."

"I'm Gabriel by the way. Gabriel Novak. Sorry about the lizard." He said extending his hand.

Sam dropped Bertie into the alley, then took Gabriel's hand, "Sam Winchester. Sorry for killing her." Gabriel smiled at Sam, then went back into his apartment.

Sam didn't realize this wouldn't be the last of Gabriel he saw. Of course they were neighbors, but he didn't think they'd keep in contact; just a 'Hi how are you?' when they were both on their balconies.

But that of course never happened. Once Gabriel enters someone's life, he stays whether either of them likes it or not. Sam didn't mind all that much, just as long as there weren't unidentifiable nasties crawling all over his feet.


So this is my first published Supernatural/sabriel story. I've written so many but decided this was cute... so yeah....

Any opinions and criticism is welcome as well as any ideas for future chapters as new ones won't come all that easy for me....

Anyway if you read this you are awesome and I love you.... (was that too forward?)


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