My Sister Wants My baby...Chapter 10

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-------------------------------------------------------Elle's POV 7 months pregnant--------------------------------------

Ever since I found out I would be having a boy and a girl I haven't stopped shopping (my parents credit card) for clothes, cribs, toys, diapers and bottles. Sam told me not to go overboard because I still have a baby shower to go to!! Today was my baby shower and I couldn't wait! All my family and friends are going to be there to keep me safe and I have the perfect outfit. The good thing about all this is that even though I'm carrying twins I'm not twice as big but the babies are smaller so I'm still bigger but not that big, this also means that I'm on maternity leave from school!! Whoop!! The only things I miss are my friends and some of the teachers. After I have the baby I have to catch up on my work from home and then graduate 8 weeks later.

When I was done getting dressed I descended the stairs and waited patiently for the guests to arrive, just on time because the doorbell rang and A LOT of people came. I was so nervous I think the babies were kicking harder JUST to tell me to calm done.

The shower was so fun and I got a lot of presents for the babies and some for me too. The fastest thing about the event wasn't the gossip or the games but the fact that the cake disappeared so quickly I can't remember what it tasted like but I know it was GOOD!

Somewhere between the talking and the laughing my belly was hurting (in a good way) because the babies where kicking so hard it actually made footprints on the outside of my belly. COOL!

Soon the good pain I felt in my belly started to hurt and the pain soon got more and more intense

"Luke?" I asked looking at him while grimacing in pain.

"You ok?"

"My belly, it feels funny and not at all in a good way" I said while sucking in one sharp breath and getting up slowly so that I wouldn't avert anyone's attention to me, I didn't want anyone to worry. Quickly and quietly Luke and I were out the door and in his car on our way to the hospital. The drive there was filled with my panting and whimpering but I wasn't the one whimpering!

"Does it hurt?" Luke asked stupidly and if it wasn't for the pain I would have slapped him or shouted.

"No!!! I'm just going to hospital for the fun of it" I said sarcasm coating every word.

When we got to the hospital the pain hadn't gone away but it didn't get any worse so I was grateful for that.

Walking into the building I saw the same doctor from my ultrasound and he seemed to notice my distress and Luke trying to calm me down and came and helped us.

He told Luke to wait outside while I changed into a hospital gown and was examined; that not being the best day of my life!

"She's not dilated yet" a female informed a male doctor. Great! No sign of the babies and I'm in pain. Seems like these babies are going to be like their mother; stubborn!

The doctors monitored my babies and me but the pain wasn't getting any better. I didn't cry or scream because let's face it; not worth it REALLY! Every now and again a different doctor would check the machine next to me to see if anything changed and they would shake their heads.

After what felt like hours but was in fact half an hour, the pain disappeared slowly only to be replaced by kicking. Great!

"I've got good news and bad news" I doctor said with Luke trailing behind him.

"The bad news is there's no sign of the babies today so you won't have them today" He said while looking at the clipboard and chuckling slightly.

"But the good news is that the pain will go away if it already hasn't and this was just Braxton hicks" Ok, now I'm confused, what is 'Braxton hicks' supposed to mean.

"In English please" Luke said sounding just as confused as I looked, which is very.

"False labour, it's very common for first time mothers." He clarified and gave me time to change back. I was kind of relieved the babies aren't coming now because I didn't even bring my hospital bag or pick names, what were we supposed to call them Baby Boy and Baby Girl? Or number 1 and number 2? After I was back in my clothes we drove home. The car ride was filled with blissful silence. Remember this day, I thought to myself, the last time you ever hear silence before it's filled with crying and shouting. That thought just made me laugh out loud and I'm pretty sure Luke thinks I'm beyond weird now. When we got home the baby show was still in full swing and by the looks of it no one even noticed we were gone, that's nice, the person the party was thrown for disappears and no one cares.

At the end Alex and Sam stayed behind to help with clearing up because my mom didn't want me to do it, something about straining me. This coming from the woman who in the past, made me clean the entire house on my hands and knees because I threw a party! She also didn't notice my trip to the hospital but I won't hold that against her, no one else noticed.

Luke's parents (mostly his mother) told me how they had one of their spare rooms changed into a neutral baby room which is neither boy nor girl colours; it's a warm brown...awww. She also told me about her plans for changing another room into a nursery for the future, they have A HUGE house!

I changed into my PJ'S because it was getting late and everyone was gone now. Luke just got a call from the coach for a late game but I couldn't go so I had the house to myself but I was told to:

Not open the door to strangers or answer the phone to any unknown numbers

Stay in my room until everyone got home and call when someone I don't know is at the door or if it's to do with the babies...gosh...I feel like a child! When I headed for my room I heard noise from downstairs so I quietly went into my room but before I could...

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