Chapter 22: The Beginning

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"Children!" My husband shouted at the little devil's playing in the front yard. They were pulling out the flowers that I had just planted.

God damn it!

''Yes Daddy?'' My 5 year old son looked up at his father with pride. His bubbly attitude reflecting mine.

''Inside. Aunty Caroline and Uncle Ethan will be here soon'' Sage ran inside, bounding up to his room.

Aiden and Sage are really close for having a 5 year age gap. They act like brothers. 

 ''Hi honey'' My husband came up to me and captured my lips in a kiss. I loved the feeling of warmth that spread though my body.

''Hey. Is Charlotte and Caleb coming?'' I asked my husband. He and Caleb are best mates.

''Yeah they will be here soon'' I smiled up at Kieran to hear two sets of footsteps thump though the house.  

''Mommy'' I looked down to see my daughter Maya grabbing on to my leg. Her arm extended up like she wanted to be picked up.

I reached down and picked up my princess. She is only 2 years old. ''Maya can you tidy up your dolls?'' My daughter just yawned and placed her head on my shoulder.

''Morning Fam!'' Ethan shouted into the house. ''Gross dad, thats not cool'' Aiden walked into the kitchen rolling his eyes at his dads behavior. 

''I'm cool, aren't I honey?'' Ethan looked at Caroline, she just shrugged and walked over to me. I gave her a hug and Aiden a kiss on the cheek.

''Come here little sis''  Ethan grabbed me and pulled me into his chest.

''You smell'' I pulled back and laughed. Ethan face was hilarious when I hurt his ego. 

''I blame you Mandell'' Ethan glared and pointed a finger at Kieran. 

''I feel the love'' Kieran joked and went back into the kitchen. ''I brought a salad'' Caroline made a show out of her salad.

''Oh god, I feel like a normal housewife'' Caroline's eyes widened, I burst out laughing at her comment. As if we would ever be normal. 

''Put it on the table Carol'' I shoved her in the way of the dining room and walked into the kitchen. Kieran just pulled out a roast and I needed to chop up the vegetables. 

I chopped up the potatoes, the thunk on the knife hitting the chopping board filling the room. 

''Charlotte's here! So's Hannah, Alec and Ryan'' Ethan called out. Ryan was Alec and Hannah's baby boy and Sage's 'cousin'. I used quotation marks because Hannah and Alec are his godparents, like we are to Ryan. 

''RYAN!'' Maya squealed and followed her brother into the foyer. Aiden grabbed Maya's hand and Ryan's and went back upstairs. 

''Aw they are so cute!'' Charlotte gave me a hug and disappeared into the kitchen. Caleb couldn't make it and she was upset. Family gatherings were a once in a life time thing. 

She appeared with a bottle of red wine. ''We can drink our worries away!'' I laughed at my sister. Wine was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

''Get out the glasses!''


''Wow life has changed'' Charlotte layed her head across my lap, my fingers intertwined in her short hair. ''We aren't the same kids that we were years ago'' Ethan joined us on the opposite side of the yard. 

''I kinda miss the old me'' I sighed and stared out across the yard. Ethan and Charlotte burst out laughing. ''What?!'' I was shocked. They didn't like the old me.

''Baby sis, the old you was a handful. Thank god that Kieran finally tamed the beast'' Ethan chuckled at his own joke. I leaned my head on his shoulder. 

The sun was beginning to set but we remained there not moving, just watching our life pass us by. The kids were running around the yard, screaming and laughing at each other. In the distance a camera shutter sounded. 

''To a new beginning'' Charlotte murmured out. I looked down at my older sister, years and years of worrying about me had taken a toll on her young life.

''To a new beginning'' My brother stared out int the distance, repeating what my sister had said. 

''To a new beginning'' I pulled out my glass of wine and drank.

To a new beginning


Finally 8 months after I posted the last chapter, I post the epilogue :)

Hope you guys enjoyed Anastasia and Kieran's story

I will be writing more as it is the end of the year and I am nearly on holidays. 

Merry early Christmas!

Ginger Inferno xx

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