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Jennifer's POV

"As we commit this body to the earth, may we commit this soul to heaven. And may the moon guide it's steps along the way."

The man leading the funeral droned on and on. Everyone was silent as they watched the coffin be lowered into the ground. Of course they were silent it wasn't their loved one who was in there, my pack had barely met the body inside, so how could they love the person inside it?
Even though I know they have only come out of respect for me, I am grateful. No one should be buried alone, it's almost as bad as dying alone.
The memories flash before my watery eyes.

A hysterical Dani is wrestling with a woman I'd never seen before.

I shut my eyes tight but couldn't block it out.

"You murderer! You killed him, how could you!" The woman screams on incoherently "I'll kill you!"

In my mind's eye I can see myself rush forward but before I can intervene, Dani's foot slips. And yet again I watch in terror as she grabs desperately at nothing, until finally clutching onto the mad woman!

"Plea-please, don't let me fall! Please!"

Her pleas haunt me, echoing over and over, just like every other thing, about that day. I tear my eyes open, and watch each pack member drop a single steam of brightly colored wolf's bane onto the coffins lid. Everyone wore gloves, for protection. My feet move without being told, as if my brain is disconnected. I stare down at the flower covered lid. Others step around me to drop their own buds, but I can't seem to let go of mine.

As if in slow motion the woman trying to shake Dani off begins to lose her footing, and all at once they're both plunging backwards, through the air and down the side of the cliff.
The sounds that follows I'm sure will haunt me forever: the terror filled screams, the sickening crunch of impact, and the resulting sounds of pain! All seeming straight out of a horror movie.

I can still remember the feelings. They are as real now as they were then.

At first I'm frozen. Shock, confusion, and fear course through my body, holding me captive.
This isn't real! This isn't happening

A single tear slithers down my left cheek and my head swims. Finally with trembling hands I release the single steam of the deadly flower. And watch as it falls down, and breaks apart on impact.

My legs began pumping faster than I would have ever thought possible, I have to find Dani, I have to make sure she's okay! Where is Josiah, why wasn't he with Dani? He should've been here to protect her!
As I approached the bottom, what I found I'm sure will be burned into my mind until the day I die.
The first body I found was the stranger's. She lay sprawled over a bolder, her legs at an unnatural angle. A tree branch protruding from one arm.
Next I came to Dani, my sister lay face down, her back contorted in a sickening 'v' shape. Blood lay in a pool around her head.

I look up, staring straight at two blurry figures one in the wheelchair, one on crutches. I don't need to see their faces to know who they are, it really is a miracle they're here. Walking back to where I stood I close my eyes and take a breath

This is bad, very bad! I don't need a doctor to tell me there was little hope for either.
I pull out my cellular and call the pack house, no answer. Next I try Phil, and Dan but I'm met with the same crushing, no response.

I can feel the same helplessness creeping up on me as I stand here.

"Dani! Dani, can you hear me?!"

"I'm getting help, okay? Hold on for me."

Her voice laced with pain flutters into my mind,

"Where's," she pauses panting slightly, "Joey?"

Even in this state, she is thinking of others how typical.

"Hold tight and I'll find him."

It only took a few minutes for me to find where he lay, unconscious, but thankfully alive. His fall seemed the least damaging, he lay on a relatively grassy, flat area, with very little visible damage.

I look back at the gaping grave, where the coffin lay, nestled safely. If only I had known. If only I had got there sooner.
I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder, from the sparks I know it's Ashton. They've only been getting more intense, recently. It's a bit uncomfortable to think about really. He's Dani's mate, yet we've experienced all the signals of mates.

"It's not your fault." He says, his voice, thick with emotion, "You did everything you could have done. Don't blame yourself."

I can't look him in his eyes. He's wrong, I have no one to blame but myself. I'm Alpha, being a protector is my duty. A duty I failed.

"You say that, but how can you believe it?"

"Because I know you, and I know," he pauses, clearing his throat, "I know you would have done everything in your power to save all of them."

I turn angrily staring up into his eyes.

"But I didn't save all of them, did I?! How can you even stand to look at me? How," I'm cut off by being pulled into a wolf hug. Before I can catch myself, I'm sobbing yet again. Why moon?! Why not me instead?

After a few minutes, I've calmed a bit. Pulling away I wipe my tears onto my palms and in turn drying my palms on my black dress. My breathing was a little shaky but otherwise I was much more composed.


I nod, looking up I notice his cheeks also streaked with tears. "You don't have to go through this alone, you no that right?"

I nod, as we begin the walk back, knowing he is talking to himself as much as to me. "We'll get through this together. We need each other,right now more than ever."

Goodbye Dani. I'll always love you my sister, Please forgive me


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