[45] City of Blood

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Previously on Agents:

I reached out to press the button, but by then my vision got hazier and hazier, and before I knew it, I was out like a light.

Goodbye, world.


[Shelby's POV]

       "Guys, we're running out of time. Shadl has the key to the phoenix secret, remember?" Max crossed his arms. Cory agreed, "Yeah. If we can't find Shu, she'd at least want us to defend it against him."

As much as I hated it, they were right. If that son of a BLT with cheese gets whatever the secret is, it'd be game over. Adam nodded, "All right, let's go. But we hear anything from Aph and I'm going back there."

"Fine." We ventured on, and out of the maze. A tunnel followed, like one of those spooky tunnels leading to catacombs or something. I tensed up, but Cory squeezed my hand and gave me a reassuring look.

Not long after, the light faded as we spelunked deeper into the cave-like tunnels. Soon the ground below us disappeared entirely, we had fallen into a shaft, that thankfully wasn't so deep.

At the bottom of the shaft were four paths. The floor was of sand, and the walls were too steep to scale. "Four paths..."

"In the south corridor lies the phoenix secret," Cory recalled thoughtfully, observing the different stone galleries we could go through. "But how exactly can we determine which is north, south, east and west?"

We suggested several methods, none of which worked without the moon, stars or sun. "There's gotta be something, anything," Max muttered, playing with a pocket knife. Out of nowhere, Ross shouted, "I got it!"

In his hand was a wooden box, not bigger than a foot on each side. Inside it were a bowl, a cork, a needle, a magnet and a small bottle of water. John grinned, "Enough to make a makeshift compass."

Wasting no time, Adam poured the water, while Jin magnetized the needle, and Max cut the cork with afformentioned pocket knife. The needle spun around for a bit, before landing still on the corridor to our left.

Before we left, John marked the entrance with an "x" carving. "In case Agent Shu comes around," he said.

And of course, we followed the tunnel. Like the several other tunnels (man, whoever built this must've loved tunnels), it started out decently-lit but that soon faded away too. We were walking for a good 7 minutes before Adam exclaimed, "Hey look, there's a light over there!"

"Well, you know what they say... follow the light at the end of the tunnel." I guess we were all half-expecting to end up in some forest or another nature-y place.

Yeah, no.

A huge underground city was buried under where I presumed was Phoenix Drop. And it wasn't the dark or the fact that it looks thousands of years old that made me uneasy.

The entire city was drenched, for the lack of a better word, in dried blood. Thousands of unaccounted bodies had just been lying around in different areas- buildings, the plaza, libraries... almost all of it. The place smelled like copper from all the blood.

Geez, it's like someone took the genocide route down here...

One structure, however, remained perfectly intact. It was a small palace, though resembled more of a church. Its cotswold-esque bricks had been slightly chipped off, and the bell above was rusting, yes, but no blood- not even a drop.

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