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Taylor's Pov ;
          "Taylor honey wake up, my mom said shaking me". I groaned turning over putting the cover over my face "come on Taylor I'm not gonna tell you again, my mom said sounding irritated". I chuckled as the sound of my moms voice changed "Fine keep acting like that i will send jordan up here to wake you, my mom said chuckling". I quickly rolled out of bed landing on my feet "I see that woke you up quick, my mom said. I rolled my eyes as I searched on my dresser for my glasses until I found them by the tv remote; I cleaned them off before placing them onto my face pushing them up from my nose. "Okay mom you can leave now, I said shooing her out" "okay okay i'm leaving, my mom said". She left out my room closing the door behind her; I went over to the closet door and opened the door looking inside for something to wear.

I picked out a pair of black pants a solid color shirt and my checker print vans. As i was getting dressed my phone started to ring; I finished getting dressed ignoring my phone. I tied up my shoes before going into the bathroom; I did my hair in a high bun leaving my side burns down. I washed my face after I brushed my teeth; I left out the bathroom grabbing my phone off the bed leaving out my room. I headed towards the steps until jordan stopped me; I rolled my eyes as a smile grew upon her face. "What jordan, I said" "you can speak to people now, jordan spoke" "I mean likeeee, I said edging it on "I am still your sister, jordan said "I guess jordan, I said walking away. I finally made my way down the steps after being held up by jordan speech;

    I went into the kitchen and sat up on the counter next to my mom who was cooking breakfast. "Taylor get you're ass down from there girl, my mom said. I jumped off chuckling at the attitude she caught from me sitting up there; I heard the bus horn from outside the house. "Let's go jordan, I semi yelled. Jordan came running down the steps and out the door to the bus; I waved bye to my mom as I picked my bookbag up leaving out the house. I jogged over to the bus getting on; I walked towards the back looking for a seat. I found one next to a girl I never seen before she looked lost at first looking around until I approached her then a smile grew upon her face. "This seat taken, I asked "no it's all yours, she smiled "I'm Taylor, I said smiling "Tracy, she said. I sat down as she looked at the window I admired how eyes sparkled they was light green how the way her dimples showed without her smiling. I think to myself like am I falling in love?

We arrived at school; the bus pulled into the front parking and letting us off. I walked behind jordan as we stepped down the steps exiting off the bus. I walked beside jordan into the school building where kids we're loud and running around like they was in pre-school ugh everybody just irritated my nerves. I finally arrived at my locker after a fight had broke out in the hallway during traffic; as I twisted in my combination I glanced over and seen tracy. Gosh she makes my heart pound and my palms sweaty; I wiped my hands on my pants as they got wet. I grabbed my notebooks and a pencil as I was shutting the locker; I looked up to see Tracy one more time but she was gone. I frowned as I walked away down to class "hey taylor, somebody yelled I Ignored as I kept walking. "Hey taylor, somebody yelled again I still continued to ignore them I was still thinking about tracy. As I was heading into the classroom I felt a light touch on my shoulder; I turned around and seen it was Tracy. I gently closed back the door so the teacher wouldn't hear and smiled at Tracy "hey I been calling your name, Tracy said "oh that was You I'm so sorry, I apologized "it's cool i was just trying to get help looking for this class, Tracy said "who's the teacher, I asked "uhhh mr Jackson, Tracy said "he's right here, I chuckled "Okay thanks, Tracy blushed. I opened the door for her she walked in smiling; I entered behind her closing the door behind me.
      "Pssttt Tracy, somebody said we both looked over seeing who it was; it was a girl who looked exactly like Tracy maybe it's her TWIN. My eyes got wider as I thought to myself omg it's two of em!? "Care to seat with us, Tracy asked "yeah sure, I said. I followed behind her to the other side of the class where the girl was sitting; Tracy sat next to her and I sat beside Tracy on the end. The girl leaned over and looked at me biting down on her lip; Tracy nudged her as she rolled her eyes. "Who's that, the girl asked "this is my friend Taylor, Tracy said "hey taylor I'm Jessica Tracy's twin, Jessica said "nice to meet you, I smiled. Jessica started to smile at me; I felt Tracy giving me the death glare I cleared my throat as I started paying attention to the teacher.

Author Message : Mature Audience Only Contains Sexual Contact And Strong Language

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