Unfleshed Warrior

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Hate is -- like lave coming down and absorbing everything and everyone.
Filling in their empty creases and then spewing from them -- in a similar fashion that it did from the mouth of the source, and we never really know who that source is when it's metaphorical like this --
And I stand in its way -- Rooted in the same spot -- Knowing the pain of the burn -- Knowing it'll melt my bones into ashes and that i'll have to build myself back up just to relive the same trauma.
And I do.
I stand for those who cannot --
Who can and won't out of fear or shame --
The weak minded individuals --
The opinionated, yet low voiced beings --
The backbone recoveries --
The voiceless, and all the in between's --

Yet somewhere along the way...

I quit standing up for me.
Shame on you self. How dare you value others over your own flesh and blood.


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