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shelby had been sleeping for only 20 minutes.
after a hard day of work, she came home, slipped into her velvet pajamas, and quickly went to bed. normally, she would order take out, but shelby was exhausted.

the moonlight shined against her slim, cozy body. the crickets outside had been lively, singing to the warm air breeze that swept through the town. the frogs croaked, hiding in the freshly cut, vibrant green grass. shelby calmly inhaled and exhaled, dreaming about her life.

suddenly, she felt a soft tickle against her toes. she quickly woke to the sensation. she sat up, pushing her smooth, brown hair behind her ears. she then threw her blankets over, revealing a spider. the spider was fuzzy and black, glaring back at her with its several eyes. shelby squealed and quickly jumped out of bed. she stepped over to grab a shoe so that she could squash the spider.

as she stepped out of bed, she felt something fuzzy below her feet. shelby looked down, only to see another spider, quite similar to the one in her bed. "maybe it jumped off my bed." she thought to herself. she glanced over to her bed, spotting the same spider. why were there two spiders?

shelby grabbed a shoe, discovering another spider on the heel of it. she jumped, throwing the shoe against the wall, causing a loud
her heart raced, pounding against her chest. her throat felt stuffy as her stomach fell. she clenched her fists in fear at the sight of several spiders around her room. then, she felt another one on her back.

shelby shuffled around the room, screaming as she tried to beat the spider from her back. she then tripped over her own feet and fell to the ground. her head shook, causing a throbbing pain and thumping in her ears. she turned her head only to see several more spiders under her bed. she quickly sat up, scooting herself towards the corner.

she cried frantically as they inched nearer. suddenly, she felt something fall on to her head. she screeched, brushing the spider off of her no longer silky, smooth hair. and then, she felt a sting on her ankle. a spider had bitten her. she pushed herself against the wall as much as she could, but hundreds of spiders were surrounding her. she glanced at the door, and back towards the floor in front of her. she gave up the fear of dead, squishy spiders under her bare feet and made a run for the door.

oddly enough, the door was locked. her mind raced, she was completely clueless as to how the door was locked from the outside. she tip toed over to the window, but it too was locked. she grabbed one of her vases and eagerly beat it against the window. not a budge. shelby knew she had no chance. she slumped on to the ground, giving up her fight. the previously purple colored walls were covered in spiders, causing the appearance of pure blackness.

after some time, hundreds of spiders were crawling up her body, biting her. her body had gone into shock from the paralytic bites. she felt each sting, each fuzzy little creature crawling against her skin. with each bite, she flinched. more and more spiders gathered, eating her alive. eventually, there were thousands of spiders covering her from head to toe. each spider viciously tore at her skin, causing a gruesome pain in her nerves and muscles. the spiders slowly made their way into her mouth and down her throat, into her ears, and up her nose. she choked, gasping for air as the creatures blocked her airway.

two weeks later, after shelby's mail was piling up, a concerned neighbor checked on her. the old lady beat her wrinkly brown fist against the door. after no answer, she called the cops.

one officer walked into the room, confused.

"how did she die?" he lifted a brow.
"went into shock and choked on her vomit, in her own sleep. must've had a horrifying nightmare or something." the other officer replied.

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