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NIKKI WAS BORED OUT OF HER MIND, her teacher kept going on about the history of the first world war, information that -unless she was planning on becoming a history teacher, which she wasn't- was completely useless. She was just glad her brother was in this dreadful class with her.

She rolled her eyes and looked over at Noah, her brother, "I fucking hate this class." the whole class turned to look at her with wide eyes, Nikki hadn't bothered to be quiet with her disdain for the class.

The teacher glared at her and pointed a finger to the door, "Out." his voice was stern and filled with irritation. He had gone through this situation with her enough times to just automatically send her out of the class before she could get rowdy and cause more disruption to the class.

Nikki grinned and stood up, her backpack still on her shoulders from when she entered the classroom thirty minutes ago. She never took her backpack off for any of her classes, not finding any reason to.

She patted Noah on the head as she walked out the door, "Have fun."

Nikki aimlessly wandered through the school, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go home or go travel over to the southside. She thought about her two options for a second before deciding to go with the obvious option, the southside.

She started walking in the direction of the office, the doors to the school entrance were, unfortunately, right in front of the office - not like that that would stop her from leaving, it just took away any option of being stealthy.

As Nikki walked past the glass window of the office, she saw the principal and her gym coach standing in front of it, having a conversation about something.

When she got to the exit, she paused for a second and made direct eye contact with the principal, before swinging the doors open and walking out of the school.

She put her hand over her eyes to shield herself from the suns rays. It was pretty hot right now, and Nikki would do anything to be in her air-conditioned car, but her dad had taken her and her brothers cars away after he found almost three pounds of weed split between them in a false bottom under their car seats.

So now, for the next month and a half, she and Noah were reduced to walking everywhere. It wasn't so bad when she wanted to hang around the northside, but it was a huge inconvenience when she wanted to go to the southside.

Nikki still went there every day after school, nothing could keep her from the southside.

Her phone started ringing when she was walking up to her main base of operations, the Milkovich house.

She looked at the caller id and saw her adoptive mothers name flashing on the screen, the school must've called her and told her that she walked out.

Honestly, she didn't know why they bothered anymore. She walked off school campus so often that it had become routine, it would be worrying if she stayed for the full day.

She declined the call and slipped her phone into her bag. Nikki would text her later, but right now, she had more pressing matters to attend to, like the trio of crackheads that'd been following her for the last few blocks.

It really wasn't that hard to spot them, as they had no common sense that told them to stay out of eyesight if you were following someone around on an empty street, or to stay far enough away where said person couldn't hear you breathing, but crackheads weren't known for having common sense, they were, after all, crackheads.

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