Chapter 35- Lydia Stone

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After Wesley's death, Haley and Stefano thought it would be best to keep their eyes on me for a year so they homeschooled me. Which is why when I actually started school, I was so nervous.

17 Year old Lydia Stone

"Stef I'm nervous." I say to my older brother, he rolls his eyes. "Damn it Aide, how many times did I tell you we have to use our new names. It's Lorenzo now Lydia."

"Fine. I'm very nervous Enzo, I feel like something bad is going to happen and you know I'm never wrong." It feels like I have a rock in the pit of my stomach that's trying to push out. I'm scared.

"You can't be nervous, you just have to think positive-"

"How can I think positive when he's out there looking for us?" I snap angrily, he sighs and grabs my hand. "I promised myself that I would not let anything bad happen to you and I am going to keep that promise until the day I die. He's not going to find us this time, just keep your contacts in and keep your head held up high. We are going to go to school. We are going to make friends. And we are going to have a good life. From now on we have to forget about him and start focusing on our lives alright sis?"

I slowly nod. He's always found us, what says this time it's going to be any different?

"Okay good. Now get going, you're going to be late for your first day of senior year!" Before I could protest, he shoved my car keys in my hand and pushed me out the door. Stupid Stefano.
The cafeteria was packed inside so I decided to go to the quad where others have lunch, at first I was eating while reading my book alone until I was approached by the guy in the SnapBack from earlier. "10 Things I Hate About You, excellent choice but have you seen the movie?"

"Yes I have. Didn't think a guy like you would though." I replied sarcastically, he smirks. "What can I say? I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. So do you have a phone?"

"Maybe I do maybe I don't. What's it to you?" I flipped to the next page in my book, not even looking up at him. "Maybe I can call you sometime."

"Yeah sure my number is 555-N-O-T- gonna happen." I looked up at him only to see him with a smirk plastered on his face. What is this guys' problem?

"You're tough, I like that." He winks, I rolled my eyes. "Yo Brandon! Let's go!" One of his friends called, he flipped them off and looked back at me with an innocent smile.

"Duty calls, see you around Lydia." I forgot to mention he is in my math, gym and drama classes so now he knows my name. Wonderful.
You see that brunette?" Piper asks, pointing to a guy wearing a leather jacket, I nod. "That's Mrs Thomas' stepson Nathan, although he takes his birth mothers last name which is Davis. He runs the school along with my brother and their goon squad." Piper adds on with an eye roll. She clearly doesn't like them.

"The one that is playing the guitar is Grayson, he is the only good one in the group meaning he doesn't undress girls with his eyes like the rest do." Piper's friend says with a smile.

"The one with the jawline sculpted by god is Vince, him and Nathan are the ones you really have to watch out for. And lastly the one in the SnapBack that you were just talking to is my brother Brandon. Oh and this is my friend Blaire, she's pretty cool and her fashion sense is on point."
Damn, I really felt like kicking ass today." Piper grunts causing me to chuckle. "Why?"

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