Chapter 11

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Unknown POV
I am enrolling in Omiltan high to watch my sweet Bre and to get her back. I want to break up the relationship she and Chris has , I should be the only one she smiles  with , laugh  with and do other things with and no one else .  I going to get you back baby and when I get you back I won't let you go this time . You will be punished when I get you back just prepare yourself. (Picture of Mason above )

Brianna's POV
I woke up smiling the next morning. I took and shower had breakfast then I faced time mom and dad while waiting on Han to get ready . In about 15 minutes later Han comes downstairs and eats her breakfast then we leave out for school . I told mom and dad I would talk to them later . We arrived at school late so we got detention . In my Chemistry class we saw the door open and I student walked in and gave the teacher a piece of paper. His back was turned to the class so I did not see his face . The teacher then introduced the boy that he was a new student and his name was Mason . I started to have a panic  attack when the person turned around . I saw him smirking at me Chris began to talk and touch me but I was not responding I started to  feel dizzy and weak . I saw Han running to me before I passed out and heard Chris calling my name .

Chris POV
I saw Bre tense beside me and she started to breathe hard I started to worry about her so I touched her and started to call her but she was not responding to me. I saw how the new boy was smirking at her and I wanted to punch him in his face to smirk at my girl . I looked at Bre to see her fell off her seat beside me on the ground I started to panic . I started to call her name them I saw Hannah running up to her . We took her to the nurses office and gave Hannah the look which meant to explain everything she said it was her place to tell it was Brianna 's and she walked away . I started to think why would the new boy would affect the bad girl of Omiltan high and my girl and everyone knows not to mess with my girl . I would hurt anyone  that harms my baby . I then went back into the nurses office to check on her .

Mason's POV
I started to smile because when I walked into the class and the teacher introduced me to the class and I turned around and saw Bre tense at seeing me and she started to have a panic attack and blacked out . I was smiling because I still have an effect on my baby but did not like that Chris boy sitting beside what's mine . I made a plan to break  them up or kill him but I think I would enjoy the killing part .

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