Chapter 20

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He could see them, the pain behind those smiles, the loneliness that hides on those carefree eyes on them.

Glancing at his surroundings he saw their backs slowly disappearing from the darkness crying out their names, hoping that one of them would turn and ran up to him. But none of them did, they continue to their way ignoring his please.

Maniac laugh could be heard from the distance, turning his head in every direction trying to find that hideous laugh, he couldn't breath, something or someone is blocking the air from entering his lungs.

"You're worthless, there's no doubt that they left because of how useless you are" the voice called, he could feel his tears dares to falls.

He fought the negative feelings that dares to take over his sane mind.

"You're nothing, just a waste of time"

The voice continues to voiced out.

" That's not true! Everyone loves me! " he yelled in frustration,

The voice laughed louder as if mocking him from what he just said, images of the people he loved appears and they gave him a disgusting look.

He looked at them in fear and betrayal.

The mocking and disgusting comments were thrown at him, covering his ears trying to blocked the comments that's been thrown at him he felt wetness cascade from his cheeks only to realize that he's been crying.


Who's that? He thought, he lifted his head and saw a tiny light from the distance.


There it is again, he stood up staggering a bit and followed the light from the distance, ignoring all the comments behind him.

Slowly but steadily he walked near the light, warmth and acceptance is what he felt while nearing the light .

"Yoshiro " a melodious voice could be heard and the warm clasp of an arm held him in a tight embrace.

"Everything will be alright Shot i" it said as he held back at the bright light, embracing it tightly and sobbed .

Eyes shot up and scan his surroundings, he could see his room all tide up and felt a warm embrace that he felt from his dreams beside him.

He looked at his side and saw his own twin embracing him, tears fell down from its cage when he saw his own twin that he bullied and abuse beside him, hugging him with the content look on his face.

Onyx eyes stared at the scene unfold before him on his hammock, he's idiotic student silently sobbing as he held his brother in a tight embrace, that he is afraid that he'll disappear. The self proclaimed hitman only smirked and use Leon who transformed into a camera and took a picture at the twins.

'Once an idiot, always an idiot' he thought before returning back to bed.

Warm hands caressed his cheeks and gently wipes his tears away, Yoshiro looked up and stared at those beautiful eyes that his brother possessed, one of the reason why he's jealous of his brother.

"Shh ... don't cry piccolo fratelo " Tsuna said in a husky voice as he continues to wipe his brother's tears.

"Nii-chan ..." Yoshiro called slowly giving Tsuna another embrace and never let him go the latter only sigh and stroke his hair in a soothing way, the younger of the two let out a content sigh and went back to sleep.

Tsuna him a random tune and slowly drifted to a dreamless night.

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