Brothers at War - Part 9

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The platoon had landed in a large aircraft, it was a dark green and not one aspect resembled the plane the boys had taken to Arizona. The seats they had spent 10 hours strapped to had lined the walls of the aircraft and there was very little conversation made over the loud engines. It was not a pleasant journey. If you had asked the men why they hadn't talked very much to the others around them they would never have admitted to the fact that they were scared. Scared of knowing that once you were on the otherside of the large doors of the aircraft that you had entered a war zone. A war zone with flying bullets, gas bombs, nuclear bombs, missiles and an enemy that wanted no more than you dead.  

Emerging from the plane doors with bags slung over their shoulders with serious faces, looking out but finding their eyes at their feet fast. This was no romantic adventure they would retell to their grandchildren, this was real and suddenly all they wanted was to be home. Home was comfort and peaceful. They looked down at the deserted base as they walked down the stairs.There were no men running, no men shouting commands urgently. There was nobody.

Sargent Aisfifth led the group. He looked surprised to find the base in such silence. Well as surprised as Sargent Aisfifth could be. Was this what the beginning of a war was supposed to be like? Was everyone out fighting? Had they arrived at the wrong place? It seemed that Aisfifth didn't even know what was going on. He told the group to wait in single file like they had the first time they had assembled in Arizona. Then without a word he left them. Walking quickly to what seemed like a head office. They waited obediently in silence. It was a loud silence; Chase could feel questions and nerves running through all the men beside him. He looked around. It was cold; the ground was cold with frost. The trees and plant life bare, almost dead. The base, located in South Korea near the North Korean border was in the depth of a harsh winter. They were 4 main buildings. 2 resembled warehouses, tall and large and most likely where the planes and other supplies were repaired or stored. The third building was long with several dozen doors lining it. Each door with a title. Officer’s quarters. The final building was again large, its large red cross making obvious what its use was. 

Aisfifth returned a moment later. He walked quickly towards them, his eyes appearing softer than when he had walked away. "There's been news of attacks by the North Korean government. The camp's company is mustered in the rec space. I've been instructed to take you there until further instruction." Aisfifh led the platoon to one of the rec rooms assigned to the privates of the company. There, assembled were roughly 200 men. Each camp based around North Korea had about 5,000 soldiers and there were 5 rec spaces for each regiment. 6 platoons filled one rec space. As the 14th platoon filed into the rec space they watched as everybody’s eyes were glued to the television in the corner. Images of bombs and destruction covered the screen. It was 9/11 all over again.

15 minutes later Chase knew the whole story. News coverage from all over the world was broadcasting news about the recent events. After Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand officially announced support for the war effort, North Korea had retaliated by forming alliances with China. North Korea was also breaching the terms of nuclear peace treaties and was threating use of nuclear weapons on enemy nations. Nuclear weapons had not been used as of yet however. There had however been suicide bombs detonated in Australia and the United States. Chase had listened closely to where in the US the bomb had been. He was filled with a small sense of relief when he learned the bomb hadn't landed in Boston. However he was still devistated to learn that the bomb had been off coarse and instead of landing in Washington DC as planned, the bomb had landed in West Virginia. A hotel and roughly 30 houses were destroyed. 1000 people were killed. In Austrailia the bomb had landed in Adelade. Killing 2000 people. Why Austraila had been targeted was most likely only due to their involvement. But why Austraila and not England or France or anther main superpower? There were also rumors of invasions of other nations such as Mongolia and Japan.  

The recent events had flung the world into chaos. It was almost as if World War III was starting. With the use of Nuclear Bombs and nations suddenly being invaded this was a possibility. The United States and English media had brought back the term 'Allied forces' when referring to the western countries that were gaining their numbers to retaliate. Press conferences had been organized with President Obama and the English, French, Australian leaders. Each leader touched on the seriousness of the matter but avoided any questions about what the 'allied forces' were planning next.

Each man in that rec room had a vague idea of what was next. This war had just gotten a whole lot bigger than North Korea invading South Korea. This was on the verge of World War III with the risk of Nuclear weapons. North Korea was invading other countries and had joined forces with a very large superpower. They soon learned that men and women from all over the Americas, Europe and the pacific were enlisting fast for the war effort. Nobody could know how this was going to end.

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