Prologue: "Escape"

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TW// Suicide, Strong language


"No.. Stay away from me!" I screamed, rushing down the block. The night was pitch black, the only sources of light were the streetlights, and the houses each emitting a dim glow of light from inside.
I had to run for my life. Because he was after me. I knew all throughout my mind it was all my fault.
That's what my mind screamed repeatedly.
This is all your fault.
This is all your fault.
This is all your fault.
This is all your–

My chest heaved , how long had I been running, anyway? It wouldn't matter, because if i didn't stop, Scissors would catch me.
I darted down the pavement, dodging cracks, twigs, and other distractions.
When I heard his voice.
The voice I once grew to love.
How could I?

"Pj! Come on. Stop running! We can all talk this out!" Scissors shouted after me. He let out a certain laugh he always had, which could be joyous or terrifying when the situation was appropriate.
Then, I tripped. I tripped on a stupid pebble. I felt as the elevation in my body change and my heart lurched, my hands hardly grazing the pavement.
I was winded; looking backwards, I saw Scissors halfway down the block. He never was the best at running.

My knees stung. I knew I wasn't getting out alive, but I still had to warn him. I heard footsteps; He was catching up. I got up and kept running.

Made a right turn here, left turn there. Still fighting for breath, I saw my house in the distance. I knew Scissors was just behind the block—He never was a good runner— luckily I had ample time to get into my house before him.
Adrenaline from the thought started coursing through my veins. Face suddenly feeling hot, I started running. I probably looked like Naruto the way I was running.

I finally made it to my house, the door was unlocked. I must've forgotten to close it.
I grimaced and went in, to see the living room as messy as usual. Dark clothes littering the floor.

I rushed upstairs to my room. The light already lit in it's orange way. I locked, barricaded, and blocked every way in my room. Especially my door. I rushed to open my drawer, fumbling as i ripped the note in my pocket out, examining it one more time.
"To Dan Howell."
Is what the messy writing said. I nodded to myself, It was the correct note.

I heard banging at my door.
"Pj I'm not fucking around today, open this damn door!"
I sighed. There goes my time.
"Five more minutes, dad." I mocked as Scissors continued to bang at my door.
But he was growing impatient quickly, I coukd tell by the force he was kicking the door.
I hid the note in my fourth drawer and slammed it shut.

I may not get out of this alive, but I'm getting out with dignity.
I quickly opened my third drawer and grabbed out a blade. I almost shook under it's touch.
This blade had killed so many people.
Correction: I killed them, and used the blade.
How ironic it was that it was going to kill me now, aswell.

(A//N Oops gonna rewrite the next few paragraphs)

Scissors was already breaking down the door, as I heard him doing so.
I slammed my drawer shut and held out my arm. I took the blade and sliced vertically through my wrist.
That's when Scissors broke down the door. I looked him straight in the eye and smiled.
Then, the blade dropped, and i collapsed a few seconds aftwerwards.
His glaring, confused, and concerned face peering down at me.

I'm finally free.
Was the last thing I thought before I blacked out.


Yo. I've been looking forward to writing this story for over a month, so here i am.
Honestly if you're wondering "What tf did i just read" Don't worry it's somewhat explained in the next chapter, bye.

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