Chapter 8

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"EVERYONE LINE UP!" A tall man with a black uniform shouts. "THIS IS HOW IT WORKS! YOU LINE UP AND WAIT TO TAKE A PICTURE, THEN YOU MOVE ON TO A DIFFERENT LINE. IF YOU ARE DISTRACTIVE OR INAPROPRIATE WE WILL GLADLY ESCORT YOU TO THE EXIT. THE GROUPS ARE JACK AND JACK; MATT AND CARTER; TAYLOR AND CAMERON; NASH AND HAYES; AND SHAWN AND MAHOGANY. YOU MAY ENTER." All the girls pour into the room. A few girls had to be escorted because they were harassing the boys. We went into Jack and Jack's line first. It took us about an hour but we finally made it up to them. Lindsay went up and hugged them and said hi, then I snapped a picture. Now it's my turn.

"Hi." I whisper.

"Hi!" They both say in sync. I go up to Jack j first and hug him. Then, I pull out my phone and take a selfie with him. Lindsay takes a full body picture of him and I. Then I go to Jack g and the same process happens.

"Bye. I love you and thank you so much." I say.

"Wait! Come over here and climb onto my back." Jack G says. I protest but then walk over to him and get on his back. Jack J waves Lindsay over. Lindsay gives the camera to a worker there then hops on Jack J's back. The person takes a picture and we hug and say our goodbyes. Next up is matt and carters line.

I walk into the line and a girl shoves me.

"Umm, excuse me? Don't shove me." I say in an irritated tone.

She snickers then shoves me again, but this time I fall. I kick at her legs in defense and she falls over.

"HEELP!" Lindsay yells. A bodyguard comes over and drags that girl out of the room.

"What the frick.." I say and Lindsay starts cracking up. Brent comes up to me and screams in my ear "MMHHMM. SHE FRICKED."

"Wait what? When did he get here?" Lindsay says while giggling. I quickly slip my phone out and take a picture with him.

"Thanks!" I yell.

"MMHHMM." He smirks. He taps the bodyguards shoulder and the body guard announces that Brent will be in Mahogany and Shawn's group. We make it to the front of the line and Lindsay walks up first and hugs Carter and matt and I take a picture of them. I pass Lindsay the camera and walk up to them. Matt opens his arms and I run into them. He squeezes me tightly and it seems like we were hugging forever. Lindsay took a full body picture then I moved to carter. I hugged him and took my phone out to take stupid pictures. Lindsay then takes a full body picture and we leave. Before I leave, Matt grabs my hand and pulls me into his arms. He whispers "You should come over tonight and hang out." Then he squeezes my hand and lets go.

"CAN WE GO TO CAMERON AND TAYLOR PLEASE!" Lindsay begs and I nod. This line is really long but it goes pretty fast. We make it up and Lindsay does the usual. I walk and hug Taylor. He reaches for his bandana but I slap his hand away. "I'll give it to you later." I whisper and smile. He puts his body facing the same way as me and puts his arms around my waist. We look at the camera and smile, then act serious. We take pictures on my phone too. Cameron squats down and opens his arms. I run into them like a kid and he picks me up and spins me around. I smile and giggle. We take selfies and he kisses my cheek. Then Lindsay takes a picture of us smiling. At the end I go to say good bye and I turn my head. Our lips meet. My face turns beet red and I stumble backwards.

"I-I'm so sor-" I start to mumble, but he interrupts me.

"It's fine. Bye beautiful." He says with a big grin on his face. I quickly snatch my glasses off his face and run.

"OMG NATALIE! THAT WAS CAMERON DALLAS AND YOU KISSED HIM AND I ACTUALLY GOT A PICTURE OF IT!!" Lindsay screams. My face gets red all over again. I beam and pull her over to Nash and Hayes' line. "HAAAAAAAZZZZZ! I yell. I hug him and I go to break away but he has a tight grip on me. I chuckle and he says, "I'm never letting go." I turn to look at his face which is an inch away from mine. "Oh, wow. Your eyes are amazing." I state.

"Oh, wow. Your face is amazing." He responds then starts laughing. I pout and he lets go.

"Aww no. What happened to Natty's freckles? They were cute." He says in a sad but playful tone.

"I hid them." I say then take a few pictures. As I walk towards Nash, Hayes makes a heart with his hands and I return the favor.

"Hi, NASH!" I squeal. He hugs me then puts me in his arms bridal style and Lindsay takes pictures. When we finish we take pictures with our phones.

"Bye!!" I yell and he blows me a kiss and I pretend to catch it.

"OMG! NATTYBOO! WE ARE GONNA SEE SHAWN I LOVE HIM SO MUCH OMG. IM CRYING." Lindsay shouts and starts to tear up.

"My gosh Linds! You need to chill!" I say and pat her back. We make it to the front of the line and Lindsay jumps into Shawn's arms. He kisses her cheek and she blushes brightly.

"You sang beautifully and you are extremely beautiful." Shawn says with googly love eyes. I took about a million pictures of everything so I got every single pose that they were in. Mahogany wasn't there and a picture hung that said she had to leave. Lindsay stayed with Shawn for a while so I handed the camera to a bodyguard. I ran up to Brent and hugged him then took a picture. Then I pried Lindsay off of Shawn and took a picture with him. Then we left and went to our hotel room.

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