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Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Return to Terabithia

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Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Return to Terabithia 

By: Jeff Altaugh & Natasha De Jesus

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Fifteen years have passed since the death of Leslie Burke, Jess Aarons has become a working and married man with two child's. Jess's father died five days ago and his mother plans on selling their old house, unless Jess decides to take hold of the house. It's build up with many memories, some he still remembers other he wishes to forget. 

Scene 1 

[At the father's funeral Jess keeps a distance from family. Jess's mother looks over her shoulder with tears in her eyes. Only minutes left for the ceremony's end, Jess's mother approaches him.] 

Mary Aarons [She stands beside him and takes one more look at the distance.] - "We've missed you." 

[Jess stays silent] 

Mary Aarons - "You could have called...we thought of selling the house. Unless you would like to have it, bring your family. I would love to meet them you know." [Jess stays quiet.] If you decide anything... let me know." 

[Jess moves his head down and up, then responds] 

Jess Aarons - "I'll see what I can do." 

[Mary turns and looks at him, says goodbye and kisses him on the cheeks] 

Mary Aarons - "Thanks for coming." [She kisses him.]

Scene 2 

[Jess arrives at the house and gets out of the truck. His family in the distance is packing and moving boxes.] 

[He walks towards them. His mom is carrying heavy boxes.] 

Jess Aarons - "I'll get that." 

Mary Aarons - "So..." 

Jess Aarons -"I'll keep it." 

Mary Aarons - [Looking away.] "Your father wanted that." 

May Belle Aarons - "Jess!" 

[May Belle runs from the front door towards Jess and jumps on him.] 

[Jess grabs her and twirls her around.] 

Jess Aarons - "You're so...tall." [An expression of surprised in his face.] 

[Jess looks at the door and his two other sisters stand there and wave.]  

Jess Aarons -"So you're going to college now." 

May Belle Aarons [Says without confidence] -"Yeah, I'm going to major in art." 

Jess Aarons [He replies with a denial concern] -"That's good."  

Mary Aarons -"Hey could you guys help me out here." 

[At the same time they respond.]  

Jess Aarons -"Sure."  

May Belle -"Yeah Mom." 

[Camera shoots them from a distance working and moving boxes for a few seconds.] 

Scene 3 

[Jess is cleaning the house. Taking out trash, moving furniture, moving wood, painting and etc.] 

[While cleaning the rooms, Jess comes across his old drawing book.] 

[Hi s face staring right at it, with some remorse opens it slowly and looks at the drawings with curiosity and trouble remembering.] 

[He looks away to the window, and after a few seconds closes the book and leaves the room with it.] 

[Goes out the door and into the farm.] 

[He arrives at the bridge, gets on it and touches it with softness and trouble.] 

[He then remembers. He keeps walking around.] 

[Until in the distance someone running and playing between the trees.] 

[She laughs, and he recognizes her voice. He looks toward the sound and moves slowly at it.] 

Jess Aarons -"Leslie" 

[He walks with a fast step towards where he saw her.] 

Jess Aarons -"Leslie" [He cries louder.] 

[She runs in the distance. He chases after her, but can't seem to reach her and panics.] 

[He calls "Leslie" loud and with desperation in his face. He runs with a confused mind.] 

[He falls on to his knees and drops the book. With his head down he sees her standing in front of him. Jess feels unable to breathe and his heart starts to pound hard inside his chest.] 

[She picks up the book and he slowly moves his head up. She then gives him the book and he slowly stands up while looking at her eyes.] 

[Looking straight at each other he responds.] 

Jess Aarons -"I..." 

[She then smiles and runs again.] 

Jess Aarons -"Leslie...wait" 

[She disappears in the distance.] 

[Jess looks at the distance that she ran with confusion. He turns away and leaves still looking back.] 

This part of the script was written by Natasha De Jesus, the other part will be write it by me.

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