"What's going?" She asked shocked. Eragon started explaining stuff to her. It was boring so I started exploring my surroundings. I was quickly drawn to the river on the other side of the clearing. I dipped my head to get a drink when I ended up seeing my reflection. My face was smeared with dirt as was the rest of my body. Rock dust coated my scales giving me a dull gray appearance. I snarled in disgust, I was filthy. I stepped into the river and worked on washing away all the dirt, grime and dust that coated my scales. The ice cold water felt good it contrasted to the hot sun. I glanced over to Eragon and the elf to see that they were both watching me and talking. I ignored them and continued to wash my scales. Slowly I stepped off of the water and shook myself off much like a dog would. Now I shone bright silver that was slightly blinding. I turned to walk back to Eragon, but he was gone. I looked around until I saw him by other two dragons, Saphira and Thorn. I walked over to them, stopping when I got close. I was still hesitant to be around these dragons. Eragon noticed me and gesturing for me to come closer. I walked a bit closer then stopped. Saphira's eyes looked me up and down, lingering on the black splash of scales on my snout shaped like a star.

Hello I heard her say. I said hello back. Eragon walked away, towards the crowd still watching me. For a while we talked about my imprisonment and what I knew about Galbatorix. So, where is your rider? She asked curiously. I felt a burst of sadness roll through me. I had not thought about Kinara in a long time. She had died just before Galbatorix caught me.

I heard a long roar as a small dragon crashed into a building and went spiraling away. I watched as a huge piece of rock came tumbling off the building. It was heading towards my rider but before I could do anything it crashed into her, pinning her to the ground. I dove forward and yanked it off of her, but it was too late. I watched helplessly as blood dribbled out of her mouth. "I l-love you," She coughed. She reached up with a shaking hand and gently stroked my snout. Her fingers traced the star shaped black scales on my snout carefully as though trying to commit them to memory. Don't say that you'll be fine I said quietly. I reached out to her mind and felt mind-numbing pain soar through me, I jerked my mind away. "No I'm not, we both know that. I'm going to die Evarína," she said weakly. Kinara took one last rattling breath before her arm fell limp. I searched for her mind, for that familiar bond that tied us together, but all I found was cold emptiness. I nudged Kinara lifeless body with my claw, she was deathly cold. No, no, no, NO! I cried, gripping her arms in my talons. I felt something warm and wet seeping between my talons. I looked down to see Kinara's blood soaking my talons and in between my scales. Horrified, I furiously tried to wipe the blood off, only smearing it more. Then the sadness hit me, my rider was dead. I felt empty, like a huge part of me was missing. I fell to the ground a roared a long, loud, mournful sound. The fighting quieted for just a second then continued. I felt completely numb and cut off from the outside world. I was jolted out of my trance when I heard loud wingbeats next to me. I stood crouched over my riders limp, dead body. I heard someone dismount a dragon and mutter something. In a jolt I was left completely limp and helpless. A spell. I heard a crooning voice inside my head.

"I think this one will do perfectly," It said. My eyes widened as a face came into view and I saw Galbatorix for the first time. He moved out of my vision and remounted his dragon. I felt huge claws wrap around me picking up my limp form. Inside I was screaming and wailing for my rider to come back.

I was jerked back into reality by someone tapping my talons. My head whipped up to see Saphira staring at me. Are you ok? she asked gently. I pulled away from her touch and dug my talons into the ground. I could still feel Kinara's blood soaking in between and under my scales.

I'm fine I growled. I avoided her gaze. The question about Kinara hung in the air. My tail twitched as I took a deep breath. She's dead I whispered, my rider is dead. The silence between us was deafening. Saphira's talons moved forward and I jerked back. I turned away from her and started to walk away. I heard footsteps and turned around to see Saphira mid-step, following me. A snarl escaped my mouth and she stepped back, looking shocked. I turned back around and stalked over to the river I saw earlier. I layed down at the banks of the river. The waters were clear and I could see fish swimming lazily in the current. The water barely sparkled in the fleeting daylight. I stabbed my claws into the water and grabbed a large fish. I heard a rustling in the bushes as I pulled it out of the water. I glanced over to see a small fox poking its head out of the bushes. I could see ribs poking out of its muddy black fur. It was pitch black with a splash of white fur between its eyes. Its eyes darted from me to the fish on my talons. I carefully tossed it near the fox. The fox flinched and stepped back, but then darted forwards and grabbed the fish. By the time I had speared another fish the small fox had already devoured the first fish. It glanced at the fish and let out a small yip. I put the fish in front of the fox and layed back down. I was almost asleep when I felt something soft and small curl up against me. I opened my eyes to see the little fox laying next to me. I sighed and slipped into unconsciousness.

A/n:Yay new chapter. Sorry for the sad flashback, I almost cried writing that. My friend made me add in the fox, she will be in the rest of the story. I'll try to update once a week, but we'll see what happens. If anyone have good book recommendations feel free to tell me.

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