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"Did you really have to use that spell?" I hear someone ask. It was definitely male, young too. I heard footsteps as someone got closer. I tried to see who is was, but they stayed behind me.

"It was about to attack me, our dragons have already been hurt enough trying to catch it," another voice said, also male. Anger boiled inside of me. How dare he call me an "it". I could tell his concentration on the spell wasn't very good because I suddenly felt my claws twitch. I heard someone come closer, near my mouth. I looked to see a dragon rider with a ruby red sword. "Where do you think it came from?" He asked raking his eyes over my limp form, as another dragon rider stepped into view, this one had a blue sword. That was the last straw. Carefully I opened my mouth slightly and shot a thin burst of red hot flame at the dragon rider with the red sword's leg. He fell to the ground cursing and holding his leg. He muttered something and a burst of sharp pain seared through my body, not stopping. I shrieked in pain as my claws violently twitched looking for something to grab. I felt the pain end quickly as the other dragon rider held the tip of his sparkling blue sword to the throat of the rider with the red sword.

"What in the world do you think you are doing Murtagh?" He hissed moving his sword slightly away from Murtagh's throat. Murtagh glared at the other rider. He slowly stood up, I noticed that his wound was completely healed. I felt his spell tighten as my claws and jaw went limp again. I tried reaching out to the blue dragon again for help but only received cold silence.

"It attacked me first," He said glaring at me. I glared right back. He snorted and putted his sword away. I fought the spell the best I could but he was putting to much concentration into it. Finally I reached my mind out to the two riders.

It has a name I hissed at both of them. They looked at me in shock. And I would like to be released. The other rider looked me over, his eyes lingering on the scars and welts left by the chains. His eyes met mine and they were filled with sympathy.

"End the spell" He said quietly. Murtagh opened his mouth to protest but was quickly cut off by the other riders glare. Suddenly I felt sensation flood back into my limbs. I quickly got into a crouch with my tail tucked around me. I spread my wings only to feel a white hot pain coming from where the other dragons grabbed me. I quickly drew them back to my body with a hiss of pain. I can heal those I heard inside my head. I knew it came from the boy with the blue sword. I swear I won't hurt you he said in the ancient language. I was still wary but I nodded my head and lowered my wings so he could reach them. He slowly walked forward and gently touched my left wing. When he reached the claw marks he started muttering words in the ancient language. My wounds slowly healed leaving only an echo of the pain. He walked to my other wing and repeated the process. He then healed all of the wounds from the chains. He stepped back let me look at the healed wounds.

Thank you I said quietly. I ran a claw along one of the old scars from the chains. I noticed that Murtagh had left and I could now see him healing the other two dragons which I had injured. My name is Evarína I said, lowering my head to meet his.

"I am Eragon, and the blue dragon over there is my dragon Saphira. The red one is Murtagh's dragon Thorn," He said pointing to the sparkling blue dragon and the ruby, red dragon. I nodded and looked around. I saw a rather large group of people gathered at the edge of the clearing watching me. As I watched Eragon started talking again. "Did Galbatorix do that to you?" he asked softly pointing at the scars.

I whipped my head around to look at him and backed away. Is he here? I asked, terrified that he would find me. He can't find me, he'll kill me if he knows I escaped or worse! For some reason Eragon looked angry and sad.

"He's dead, I killed him." He said. Just as I looked at him in shock someone burst out of the crowd and started running to us. I took a step back and flared my wings as a female elf came to a stop near Eragon. She stared at me in shock before turning to Eragon.

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