Chapter 15|heart broken

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"Cut!" A loud voice booms from off set, me and Finn sigh in relief after a long and very stressful day of filming is finally over and done with.

I avert my eyes back to Finn to see he's already looking down at me, a second passes before he huffs out of frustration and walks off to his trailer.

The events of yesterday have clearly steered Finn away from me. I don't even know what I was thinking, why would I risk our friendship for one stupid kiss?

He kissed you back.

I shake my head, I like him. But one drunken kiss isn't going to prove he feels the same way, for all I know he could have just felt pity on me. I look back to see he's already gone. I need to fix this, I owe it to him for at least an explanation.

I huff out in frustration knowing what I'm about to do will probably not end well. I start making my way off set and outside as the breeze hits me. I make my way to his trailer, the words 'Finn wolfhard' are in fancy writing.

I take a deep breath before knocking three times. My heart speeds a little when I hear foot steps emerging from beyond the door. It opens to reveal Finn looking down at me, his hair slightly messy and he's changed into a different shirt.

His face falls as I look back at him,"Can I come in?" I croak slowly. He narrows his eyes down at me, slowly nodding.

I get in and shut the door behind me, all around me are rock posters and guitars. I think I should just get straight to the point.

"Your mad... aren't you?" I manage to say, he averts his eyes back to me, showing no sign of emotion.

"No" he scoffs.

"Then why are you avoiding me?" I bark in frustration, loosing patience as I narrow my eyes back  at him.

"Avoiding you- Millie, I'm not Noah okay? I'm not gonna spend every single moment of my free time with you! I have a busy schedule" He scoffs in annoyance, my heart sinking at his words.

He takes a step forward,"We have a few weeks left together, to get the Mileven scenes over and done with. After that- we won't see each other in a long- long time" He says sternly, not breaking eye contact.

I feel my mouth getting dry,"Your pissed" I say quietly but he manages to hear it."Your pissed that I kissed you" I sigh looking up at him.

"I'm pissed because I kissed you back!" Finn exclaims suddenly, throwing his arms in the air, startling me slightly.

I raise an eyebrow in confusion,"I'm pissed.." He says taking a step forward,"because I- I can't stop thinking about that kiss" he says as his gaze holds me captive for a few silent moments.

H- he's thinking about the kiss.

He starts shaking his head, taking a few steps back,"I shouldn't. I shouldn't be thinking about it" he groans, running his fingers through his hair.

"The first kiss was because of the panic attack- the second... you were just in pain, and drunk and confused" He nods agreeing with himself,"Understand?" He asks.

I shake my head, holding back the tears,"Finn" I whisper.

"Understand!" He barks back, startling me at his now raised voice. He's never ever raised his voice on me, in-fact he would never even think about yelling at me. But it's different this time, he's changed.

I nod my head slowly,"I guess.. I guess that's it then" I manage to croak out.

"This isn't a friendship anymore.. it's a job" I manage to blurt out before abruptly running out of the trailer, far far away.

I stop in my tracks as I physically feel my heart squeeze in pain, feeling it ache. Tears start rushing down my cheeks, I gasp for air as I feel the whole world collapse around me. The worst part is I'm not feeling this because he doesn't like me back- I'm feeling this because our friendship... I ruined our friendship.

"Millie" I hear a small voice say from behind me, but my eyes are still squeezed shut from the pain.

I suddenly feel two muscular arms wrap around me as I cry into a scented cologne shirt. The tears continue streaming down my face as I sniff out in pain.

"Shhh" a voice whispers, but it's not Finns and it's definitely not Noah's. I look up to see the person I've been crying into for the past minute, my eyes lock with a familiar face.


He looks down at me through furrowed eyes,"It's okay Millie, I'm here" he says calmly as he pulls me in closer to the hug.

"H-how did you get here-" I sob before  he cuts me off gently. I feel him place a kiss on my forehead,"Let's get you to your hotel ey?" He mumbles gently, I nod slowly as I feel a car pull up.

I never thought I'd ever say or think this again, but maybe Jacob is exactly what I need right now.


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