Exhaustion at it's finest

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BTS were really busy getting ready for their concert during their sold out world tour, and JJ put herself on a strict diet where all she had were apples and water for the past month.

She was rehearsing non stop along side the boys because everyone wanted to make sure that everything was as perfect as planned.

JJ went over to the mini fridge in the dressing room and grabbed a bottle of water and gulped it in one go due to her thirst.

''I really hope everything goes well. We've been practicing for so long now,'' she said.

''Don't worry, it'll be fine,'' V said while rubbing circles on her back.

''Guys hurry, you need to be on stage in 5!'' the manager yelled.

Everyone got into their places and made sure the microphones were secured well because Jimin's mic fell off while he was performing.

First stage was successfully done and the 8 members rushes backstage to get ready for their next show.

As soon as JJ stepped off and went backstage, she felt herself losing balance and stumbling forwards.

Namjoon hurried over to her as soon as he saw her slowly kneeling on the floor with her bangs sticking to her forehead from the sweat.

''JJ are you ok?'' he asked her as he was really worried about the maknae's state.

She slightly nodded as she took a big gulp from her water bottle while the stylists were busy fanning her and wiping her sweat off.

''Slow down. Take it easy JJ! You're going to pass out!'' he scolded her as he saw her struggling to breathe.

He looked around at everyone and said, ''Don't overwork yourself!''

''How much time do we have before the second show?'' Namjoon asked the staff.

''30 minutes,'' one of them replied.

''That should be enough for her to gain her energy back... Get the paramedics in the dressing room,'' he told the girls and they nodded.

Namjoon kneeled down and picked JJ up and rushed over to the dressing room and laid her on the floor where the paramedics were waiting.

As soon as the boys saw the leader carrying the youngest member, they automatically threw everything they had in their hands and ran towards them.

''We need to take her shirt off to help her breathe properly. Who does she trust enough to take her shirt off?'' the guy asked while applying the oxygen mask to her face.

''She trusts Jungkook because they are one year apart,'' Jimin said and everyone nodded.

Jungkook slowly started to unbutton her shirt to reveal her black sports bra and sweat trickling down her toned stomach.

They got cold water bottles and started wetting tissues and wiping her stomach, face, neck, arms, and lips.

JJ had pants on, but they did not want to take them off because they did not want to reveal any more skin because they know it's gonna make her uncomfortable.

They sat her up and applied an ice pack to the back of her neck, ''Take deep breaths JJ, you're going to be ok,'' Jin told her while caressing her cheek.

After a couple of minutes, they got back to the entrance of the stage, and they sat JJ on a chair just to make sure she was properly taken care off and good to go.

''If you're ready go,'' the manager told the boys who were staring at her.

Jungkook's eyes didn't leave her face.

Suga had to tug on to his arm, ''Come on, she will alright don't worry. Namjoon is staying with her.''

Jungkook slowly nodded and left with his hyungs, leaving Namjoon and JJ behind.

''Are you feeling better now honey?'' the stylist asked her.''

JJ nodded, still too weak to speak before getting up and throwing her jacket on and walking slowly towards RM.

''Are you sure you are able to perform? I can talk to the manager to let you rest for this song,'' he asked her, still being the extremely worried and caring leader that he is.

''Yeah I'm sure. Don't worry, I feel much better now,'' she said with a smile and started stretching to gain her energy back for ARMY and the boys who were currently stalling until she and RM went out.

JJ walked on stage with a smile and Namjoon was walking behind her to make sure she wouldn't fall.

''Thank you guys,'' she told the boys.

''JJ ARE YOU FEELING BETTER?'' the fans asked.

She nodded and gave them a thumbs up and a smile, ''Yep! Sorry for making you guys worried!''

''I WILL WRAP YOU WITH FLUFFY BLANKETS, FEED YOU COOKIES, AND READ YOU BEDTIME STORIES YOU PRECIOUS CHILD!'' one ARMY in the front row shouted, causing JJ and the boys to burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

''Sounds good! I love cookies!'' she said while trying to maintain her giggles.

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