Part Of The Team

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Quick warning, this chapter is twice as long as the others.

After we ate, I went to check on pepper and Appa. I walked into a barn full of hay and the two sleeping bison. They started to stir as I got closer, so I decided to let them rest. Since Aang went off with his fan girls, I decided to stop by the dojo. The warriors were treating me alot differently now that they knew I was best buddies with the avatar.

As I got closer I could hear Sokka. "after all, I am the best fighter in my village." he proudly stated. I entered discreetly and sat down on the floor, waiting to see what would happen. Suki was in front of six other kyoshi warriors and Sokka was stretching and flexing his non existent muscles.

"wow!" Suki exclaimed. "best warrior? Maybe you could give a little demonstration." Sokka looked a bit surprised. "I... um...ugh..i dont..." he stammered. "come on girls. Don't you want to see a real warrior in action?" they all nodded and moved aside. Suki stayed where she was.

"all right." Sokka said shakily. He tried to push Suki off to the side, but she wouldn't budge. "OK. You stand there. Now, this might be a little tough but try to block me." he took a fighting stance while Suki stood casualy. Sokka threw a punch but Suki did not move. She easily defended herself by bringing up her left arm and thrusting her closed fan against Sokka's shoulder. He cried out in pain and staggered backward. I covered my mouth and started to giggle.

"very good." Sokka said, rubbing his bruise. "I was going easy on you."
"of course" Suki said sarcasticly. Sokka turned around and started to mumble. "lets see-" he brought his hands up and got into a fighting stance. "IF YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!" He yelled, turning and throwing a round house kick towards Suki. She swiftly dodged, and pushed his leg, causing him to lose balance which sent him to the floor. I laughed again, as I could practically see smoke coming from Sokkas ears. He saw me and his anger drove him at Suki once more.  It  all happened so fast. Suki grabbed Sokkas arm and span him a few times, then suddenly let go while taking his belt and tieing it to his ankle and wrist. Sokka hopped frantically, trying to balance himself. "anything else you want to teach us?" Suki asked mockingly, while the warriors behind her laughed.

I decided to help him. Smiling, I undid Sokkas belt and handed it to him. he snatched it out of my hand and stormed off. "moody." I mumbled.

I stayed at the dojo, sparing and practicing. I loved it. Even though the kyoshi warriors were two or three years older then me, they treated me like one of them. I also got to kick all the butts that didn't trust me before.

"Anaya!" Suki called. I walked up to her and wiped the sweat off my forehead. "what's up?" I smiled. "since your basically part of the family, why not make it official?" she pulled her hands from behind her back to reveal two fans. I grabbed them greedily. "wow!" I exclaimed. "thank you." I tested my new weapons by opening and closing them. "why don't you try them out?" Suki asked. She threw a punch as I blocked on instinct with the fan. She smirked.

We moved to the middle of the room to start a sparing match. She had her fans in a fighting position. Suki made the first move, charging and thrusting her fan at my face. I cartwheeled to the right and crouched down to sweep her legs. Suki jumped over and came behind me. I turned quickly as I knocked a fan out of her hand. She gasped and did the same to me. We now had one a fan each and I could tell Suki wasnt about to give in. I didn't want to bend, since that would be unfair, so I had to think of moves other then to jump around. This time, I charged at Suki. I made it look like I was going to throw a punch but instead I ran behind her and stuck my fan at the back of her head. "got you." I panted. Suki lifted her hands up. "no you havnt." she said as she suddenly spun around, grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. I fell onto my knees and winced. "OK OK! You win." I cried. She let go and smiled. We were both out of breath. "I'm gonna go take a break." I panted. She nodded. "of course! After all, You need ice for your butt I just kicked." she grinned. I rolled my eyes. "yeah right! Next time Ill have you." I said as I walked out, desperate for water.

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