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"SAMMY WAKEY WAKEY"Dean yelled. Than I heard a baby scream. I sat up and saw Dean and Claire. "Yeah you tell him girl"dean laughed. I shook my head.

"Get up man. We have people coming over any minute. And I know how long it takes to do your girly hair"he smiled and walked out. "God he's lucky he has a baby in his arms"I whispered as I got up.

After I got ready, I walked downstairs and saw Bobby, Ellen and Jo.

"Hey Sam"Jo hugged me. I hugged back. "How you doing?"I asked. "Amazing. You must feel shitty since yesterday"Jo laughed. I rolled my eyes. Than Dean walked downstairs with Claire.

"Oh baby."Jo smiled as she walked around me. I smiled. Than Ellen hugged me and Bobby patted my back.

While later until everyone was there

Everyone was hanging out in the living room. Ellen not letting anyone hold Claire. "Now please tell me. Why Claire?"Adam asked.

"Easy. Cas meant a  Claire in high school. And she was his best friend. She died in a car crash. So he wanted to name his daughter Claire. "Dean smirked at Castiel.

"Correct"he laughed.

"Sweet. But I have question. When did you decide that you wanted a kid with this terrible man"Jo asked. Everyone laughed.

"Well after our first date. I knew I loved him more than anything. I knew I wanted a family with him"Cas replied.

"So Sammy when you settling down. Ellen needs more grand babies?"Ash asked.

"Um....that's not really on my mind"I shrugged. "Yeah Sammy here has had two crushes in his life. Don't know about the first one. But Amelia was the second"Dean explained.

"Who was the first?"Adam asked. "Adam how about you introduce us to your special friend"I said to change the subject.

"Oh. I guess. Everyone this is Samandriel. My...."he just stared at the kid. "Boyfriend"Samandriel nodded. "Yeah that"Adam smirked.

"Now back to the question Sam."Bobby said. I shook my head. "Um.....heh it was a long time ago."I said awkwardly.

Dean chuckled. "You couldn't ever shut up about this person. 'They said I was cool today', 'they said they liked my shirt'. Man forgot how much of a geek you were in high school. And you were a senior at the time."

"Sammy this person seems very special. Who is she?"Ellen asked. "Well seemed special I should say"she laughed.

I looked down. "Forgot the name. I'm gonna get something to drink"I got up and walked to the kitchen.

Once I was out of view from everyone, I leaned against the counter and tried to breath. "Jeez. You still like this girl?"dean asked. I looked up.

"Sammy it's just questions. Who's the girl?"he asked. I took a deep breath.

"Dean I'm gay"I blurted out. He just stared at me.

"What?"he asked. I laughed. "I like dudes. I'm gay. I don't really want to explain it anymore"I shrugged.

"Wow. Sorry. I mean.....wow"he laughed. I nodded.

"When?"he asked. "Couple months ago. Amelia kissed me and nothing"I explained. He nodded. "And your positive. No I think or I'm pretending cause your gay?"he asked.

"I....I'm pretty freaking positive"I replied.

"If you thought I would hate you I'm gonna kick your ass"he hugged me. I laughed.

"Love ya Bitch"he whispered. "Love you to Jerk"I laughed. He backed away.

"DEAN"Castiel yelled. He raised his eyebrow. "BLUE."he yelled again. "Oh shit. Um....Sammy stay here for a sec. k?"he asked. I nodded. He walked out to the living room.

After a couple minutes I heard people talking and a sorta familiar voice. I tried to remember where I heard it before but couldn't make it out.

I started to walk back into the living room. Castiel turned around and saw me. "Um...Sam"he looked at Dean.

I raised an eyebrow. Than turned to the door and saw Gabe. "Hey Sam"Gabe waved.

I was speechless. I just stared at him. "H-hey"I whispered.

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