~34~He's Safe And Sound~

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Jaden's pov

I yawned again,I realized I have always been exhausted everyday,either because I didn't get enough sleep or because I was staying up all night reading. You wouldn't think I was that reading type but I enjoy reading sometimes. Draco sat beside me in Potions,resting his head on his hand as he stared at Professer Harley,she told us things that Professer Snape had already taught us,but if we told her that,bad things happen. I saw half the class's eyes following Professer Harley as she paced,I glanced at her. She was a blonde,glasses,loud,abnoxious,old woman.

''This is boring and useless,Professer Snape already taught us this!''Andrew blurted out and Professer Harley shot around,her beady black boring eyes flickering over all of us.

''Excuse me Mister Norris,What did you say?''She walked up to his desk,leaning over him as Andrews's blue eyes widened,his eyes flickering over her,

''Nothing Professer Harley.''Andrew muttered under his breath and she grinned slightly before going back to her desk.

''This is Bullshit.''I grumbled to Blaise and Draco and there eyes flickered over to me.

''No shit.''Draco whispered,Blaise nodding in agreement.

''I'm done.''Blaise hissed quietly as Professer Harley passed out homework and told us we were free to go back to our dorms for the rest of the day.

~~Slytherin Common Room~~

There was barely anybody here and Harry,Hermione,Avry,and Ron ran in.

''We need to change the password.''I whispered to Blaise and Draco and they nodded.

''What's up?''We all looked at the four,they all were pink and crying.

''F-Follow us.''Hermione stuttered as we all looked at eachother and followed her and the other three Gryffindors.

''What?''Draco asked,as we all shoved our way past all the Gryffindors.

''Oh My God--!''Blaise gasped,Avry,his sister,pulling him back as Draco immediately glanced at me,I felt his gaze burn into my flesh,my eyes were shut as I knew when I opened my eyes this wouldn't be good.

Draco's pov

I glanced at Jaden,her eyes shut and a moment later her eyes flickered open,she covered her mouth and collapsed to the ground,crying.

''I'm So Sorry..''Blaise mumbled.

''H-Harry--''Jaden glanced back at her brother,Harry shook his head,tears escaping his green eyes,Avry was hugging him.

''Y-You didn't--''Jaden moved her hand from the grass to hold the persons hand.

''I c-couldn't do anything,--''Harry explained before jaden started bawling.

''YOU COULD DO EVERYTHING! AND YOU CHOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING YOU--''She yelled at her brother,heartbroken.

''What? Let me guess..--Stupid Halfblood,The Boy Who Killed. You know I honestly don't think we're related. You're selfish,stupid,useless,ugly--''Harry spat,both of them were heartbroken for who they had lost.

''I don't give a actual fuck Harry. You could of saved his life--he's all we have left you fucking idiot!''Jaden cried.

''You know what? I'm fucking done with your bullshit,Jaden. I honestly don't care about you.''Harry snapped,Running off,Avry blinked and stared at Jaden before her,hermione,and Ron ran after Harry.

Me and Blaise stayed,Jaden was staring at the victim,crying quietly,Blaise walked away as I told him too quietly. I bent down beside jaden  and wrapped my arms around her,in return she hugged me tightly.

''I'm so sorry..''I whispered as she glanced up at me,her green eyes sparkling with tears.

''He wouldn't want this.. you and your brother fighting and you crying over him..--he would want you to thank him for being alive and be happy. Not cry and fight..''I whispered and she shifted,uncomfortably and I kissed her.

''it's okay,I promise..''i whispered as she rested her head on my chest.

''h-how is it o-okay? m-my brother just called me Halfblood and useless and u-ugly--''She went on,tears streaming down her flushed cheeks and I shook my head softly.

''he's just as heartbroken as you are. he doesn't know how to act,hun. I promise he loves you. he didn't know what to do when he died.''I looked at the victim and Jaden's eyes flickered away.

''I hurt him,didn't I--? It was my f-fault that he's dead and Harry's mad at me.''Jaden's gaze flickered back over to me and the body.

''it's not,Jaden. It's okay..''I tried to calm her down,my voice quiet and soft.

''o-okay..''she took a deep breath as we stood,she grabbed my hand as we walked to find flowers and rocks.

~~A Bit Later~~

We found flowers and rocks and a blanket and put it over the body slowly,Jaden lining up rocks around the sides of the blanket and I put the flowers on top of him.

''Its okay.''I whispered as she started crying again.

''He's Safe And Sound.''I whispered again and she hugged me.

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