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Hey Fleet! Finally some rest! Well, let's see how much can I write while on this little break from school!

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No much to say, LET'S GO NYA~


Curiosity Killed The Cat

Flashback: Ten Years Ago

Flashback's Your POV

"Where's the ball?!" Seriously, how can that woman kick the ball so high that it ends up at the top of the cliff?! And either way, why am I the one who needs to get it?!

How naïve could I be back then? A tiny girl of just fifteen years old, as everyone, trying to be happy without even stopping to think about my current situation.

Found it! There's a ball right between the bushes, that's my ball!

I ran to the ball and bent over to pick it up but just before I could some voice echoed through the forest. A dark voice that could make everyone who listened to it flinch and feel every inch of their body shivering.

"Is this my objective?" Curiosity got over me and hid between the bushes, right beside my ball and continued listening.

"Yeah, she is the daughter of a powerful CEO here in Japan and America" Another voice sounded through the gentle wind, this seemed gentler, almost as if it was one from a prince. "Her name is (F/N) (L/N); I need her killed before my birthday next week"


Does someone want me dead?

In my fear, I walked backwards and some leaves crunched before my foot, alerting the men that were talking.

"What was that?!" Their steps were nearing my position so I started running blindly through the dense vegetation still hearing their steps behind me.

So naïve that I even forgot where I was running...

The next thing I knew was that my foot didn't feel any more grass or dirt at a certain point, what I felt back then was just a layer of pure air, thing is that humans can't fly.

I still hate the irony. How curiosity sent me twenty meters down to the hard sand with my back being the first thing that touched it. How still of being in a completely black space or in Heaven, I woke up over my own grave without knowing that maybe some years passed after that little misadventure. How I woke up with cat ears and a tail.

Even so, I wonder who gave me this new chance of living; I guess I will never know.

End Of The Flashback

Now I'm laying down on a metal roof support of an abandoned warehouse near the sea in a random coastal city. Apparently, being brought back to life stops the aging process so now I'm trapped in a fifteen year old body.

My previous clothes are all torn off and full of blood so I had to search for new ones. Unfortunately, all I could find was a (Y/FC) little dress that is now full of dirt and fortunately I could find underwear! I actually stole it, don't blame me, it's a necessity!

About the food problem, I'm alright I guess. Sometimes I need to go hunting or I transform into my cat form, go to restaurants specialized in seafood and do the magic eyes that no human can bear! Either that or I go to a fisherman that usually gives me three or four fish to eat.

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