Chapter 1: Welcome to the neighborhood.

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I agreed and walked back beside him.

On the way back, we had to climb uphill so I payed attention to how high up our house was compared to the neighbors. It would definitely stand out, if the neighbore's houses were anywhere near us. 

Once returning home, my mother asked me if I found anything interesting, I said no and immediately ran up to my room just up the stairs to the left. The spare room was to the right, and the master bedroom was found immediately ahead of where the stairs ended.

I fell face first on my bed, which hurt because it was really low on the ground, and I'm pretty sure it would've fell through the floor if I was 10 pounds heavier. Thank goodness I didn't follow after my mother's genes since she's rather heavy. My father on the other hand is skinny and tall. We like to make fun of how he resembles the slender man. My parents could not be more different.


My floor shook and I jumped up to my feet on my bed. I held my pillow tight to my chest.


A large wooden stick burst through the floor next to my bed. I shrieked and the short blond hair on my head stood up in fear. The stick then stabbed up and down through the hole and my mother shouted from the kitchen.

"Soup's ready!"

My face immediately changed from fear to unamused in a split second. I exited my room and headed down to the kitchen. She greeted me with a smile. I could tell she had been laughing until I arrived.

"And you said this wouldn't be fun."

"I know, how could I have been so clueless."

I said sarcastically. We ate for a good hour with light dinner conversation about nothing, afterwards it was dark outside and I was about to return to my room when mom asked me to put some ice-cream and meat in the freezer found in the basement. I never turned her down, but I wasn't enthusiastic about going to the lowest point in the house when it was on the verge of collapsing.

The stairs creaked as I walked down. There were spider web's in every corner and the light bulbs were stained so the light only came out in certain directions. It also didn't help that the towering pile of meat and frozen treats were blocking my forward view.

I could hear mice squeak and their tiny little paws run past my feet; it made me walk faster since I wanted to get it over with. At least I had socks on was the only thing I could think of. I'm not a germaphobe or anything but I'm sure nobody enjoys rats nibbling on their toes.

The freezer had an orange light on it so I could find it easier as I criss crossed through boxes since I was far too unbalanced to step over them. I got there and put down the edibles so I could open the freezer. It was tough, and required two hands. I had to stop every few seconds to swat off spiders walking up my neck from my shoulders. The mice weren't bothering me physically like the spiders anymore, but the "pitter patter" of their feet got really annoying and loud. 


The lid burst open and I flew backwards on something soft, I got back up immediately to make sure the hatch didn't close again. The lights were dim and I had to feel around for the trays of meat. After a few I knew where to grab. 

"1, 2, 3 , 4..."

I counted after each box I placed to keep myself entertained. Then, everything fell out of order when I reached over for the fifth box. It was missing? I couldn't ignore it. Moreover, the one under it was wet and slimy, as if the top box leaked all over it. I bent down to the ground to check for it since my eyes haven't adjusted to the darkness yet. I felt squishy meat that must have fallen down, I got up and lifted it with me. To my surprise the meat was heavier than expected and I heard a great thump on the ground  behind me afterwards. Now I started to get shaky. I practically jumped out of my skin when the meat in my hand started moving! I let it drop immediately. 

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