I woke up thinking of only one thing, It was the first official day of summer vacation, on the last day of school, Ryinn, Jesslynn, Justin, and I usually skip the last day of school, because you never ever do anything. I walked downstairs to see my Aunt Meah. She came once a month to come check on us. She was making breakfast for Ryinn and Justin. I was honestly completely shocked that the boys were awake, and it was ten in the morning. They did know it was summer right? When I entered the kitchen Ryinn was the first to notice me. "Hey, I'm surprised your up." he said.

Maybe he thought today was opposite day, like he and Justin, wake up early and I sleep in, obviously, that wasn't the case. "Yeah, and I don't understand why." I said while scratching my head, which was  probably a mess, wait disaster zone. I looked at Justin, who then sent me a wink I smiled at the ground and walked over to the table we have placed in the kitchen. I was sitting between the boys, Justin, on my left, Ryinn on my right. Ryinn was texting his Ex, Maci, like always. "Hey Aunt Meah I gotta go thanks for the breakfast but Justin and Nicole can have it." Ryinn said literally running out the door to his car.

"OK, I have to go to work it was nice seeing you babe, see ya next month love you." Aunt Meah said while coming to kiss my forehead. "K bye Aunt Meah." I said with a fake smile. After she shut the door I quickly sat up and shut the stove off, threw the burning eggs bacon, and pancakes out. "I swear that lady would lose her head if it weren't connected to her neck." I said not facing Justin.

"Hey wanna go swimming?" He asked walking into Ryinns room upstairs and then into Ry's bathroom putting his bathing suit on. "Sure but don't you have baseball?" I asked while running upstairs. While I was changing in the bathroom I heard Justin walk in. "Yeah Nic I do, but I wanna hang with you before practice." He said. Nic was my nickname from him it's short for Nicole, I then walked out in my red string bikini then I opened my closet door and grabbed Justin's birthday present.

"Happy Birthday!" I said handing him a box wrapped in green with a blue ribbon. He took it with a cautious face. "Just open it will ya." I told him. He then did inside was a picture of us dressed up as total freaks. "Wow you would make this my gift." He said standing from my bed. "Yeah well." I said with a kiddish like smile. Justin then put one arm around me and hugged me, somehow we ended up in a full hug.

"Um let's go swimming." I said to Justin. We ran downstairs I went out to the pool to jump in. Justin stood by the edge, I honestly had no idea what he was doing, so I ran up and pushed him, he sadly grabbed my hands, which means I went into the water too. When I rose up from under the water I splashed him, the water then settled and we were just starring at each other. Justin then grabbed my waist and pulled me up close to him so our chests were touching, I wrapped my arms around his neck. "What went through your mind last night when you kissed me, like what could of possibly been going on in your head.?" Justin asked while we were still clung together.

"I don't know I just had a feeling that told me to, I'm sorry if it ruined our friendship a little bit but_." I was cut off by Justin pressing his soft warm lips on mine. I took my hands off his neck and tangled them in his hair. After about seven seconds I untangled my hands and broke the kiss. "Nicole? what are you doing what's wrong?" Justin asked thinking he did something wrong. "Justin, what did we do this for, your my brothers friend, not my boyfriend, but happy birthday." I said to Justin then kissed his cheek and then got out of the water to call Jesslynn, I had the best two days she would love to hear about.

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