13. Catching Up.

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Catching up.

"And that is how I got here." she finished her narration with tears of sadness brimming her huge brown eyes. "The rest of it, you already know." Havillah flicked back a few stray strands of the thigh long hair that had escaped the bands of her slicked back hairdo before turning her gaze from the view of the rolling ocean outside and into the small cabin where the young Captain was waiting. A small smile pulled at her lips, her own insurance against the tears that even now were threatening trickle down a round caramel cheeks. This time she was successful even as she stared back at the lithe form of the young soldier that was propped back against a desk situated in the farthest corner of the small room.

They were in the Captain's quarters, a cabin that was easily the largest abode that frigate ship and one that he had given up gladly much to the consternation of one Calla Barrageway , the only other female in their moderately sized crew. Of course, Killion had ignored her. He had ignored her sour looks and the protestations that had been at the very edge of her cutting tongue just like he had always done for the past fifteen years as the two had been growing up. He knew that she could be a little possessive, thanks to that little arrangement that his mother in a moment of insanity had acceded to. Back then her attentions has seemed harmless and even lately he confessed to heeding to her tantrums, but now, in this issue with Havillah he knew that things were a little different. He owed her everything and most of all his life for without her interference, he would not have been standing there nor would she have been banished from her own home.

"I am so sorry Havillah, that by saving me you had to go to all that trouble." He said to her staring at her silhouetted haloed by the striking beams of the rising sun outside.

"Please do not be. It was my choice to make and the funny thing is that, I think given another chance I probably could have done it again. Maybe I am selfish in thinking so, but I do not think that I could have been able to live with myself knowing that I could have done something to save your life but did not. My mentor and the council did not approve of it of course, but how could I have explained to them that interfering and saving you just felt right?"

"I am so sorry Havillah," the Captain stood up to walk closer to her. "I am grateful that you didn't let me lose my life. As for your accomodations and every else, please allow me to provide a home for you. I am sure that my dear old grandmum after hearing this will be more than willing to accommodate you. If not, we always have the Hub...," he smiled. "it's not very comfortable but-"

"I...I..." Havillah spluttered as she choked on her the tears that she had held on to for a while now.

"Hey...hey... I am sorry." The captain soothed even as he drew nearer to her. "I am sorry that you got in trouble for saving my life." He said again this time, reaching out his hands to hold hers in a comforting gesture.

"It's... it's not that." Havillah stuttered even as she wiped another stray tear away. "Like I said, I do not regret saving you. It felt right and I would still do it again despite everything that I have had to go through." She added as more tears continued to stream out from her eyes. Until now, she had managed to remain composed, but his kindness had unravelled her causing her to crumbled as her emotions got frayed.

"Hey...Don't cry. I am glad that you feel that way because living is definitely better than dying." The man attempted a joke and despite herself, Havillah found herself smiling behind the curtain of tears.

"I know that Bethesda is not as good as Triberias right?" The Captain continued and Havillah nodded in response. "But you're welcome here and I assure you that no one will try to kick you out. Well, that is apart from the terrors and they have been trying to do so for the last four hundred or so years, so it's nothing personal." The girl attempted to smile again, but instead of the smile, more tears continued to flow out at the rare show of kindness from one who was of a race that was supposed to be both primitive and barbaric. "Please... don't cry." He pleaded with her. "It was supposed to be a joke. I assure you, for as long as I have breath within me, I'll not let any harm come to you."

More tears flowed and Killion was found himself feeling quite flabbergasted as there was no reason that he could find to explain the spontaneous waterworks that exploded from her eyes. What to do? he mused even as he thought of comforting gestures for such a scenario. What would grandma do? he thought again even as he suppressed the suggestions that his mind had given him.

"Oh to hell..." he muttered even as pushed away every good reason that had been provided to stop him from embracing her and as he did so with a comforting hug, Calla's eyes filled with envy and a murderous rage filled his mind, but he squished those images even as he embraced the girl more tightly. That girl who had saved his life and to whom he now owed everything.

"I am fine now. You can stop squishing me." a small voice came from within his arms.

"Oh, okay. Sorry." Killion stumbled as he took a step backwards and Havillah could only smile at his awkward display.

"It's okay. I was just joking. I am very grateful for a shoulder to cry on and in some ways you even remind me of an elder brother." Havillah told him even as she wiped her tears way. Like magic, her words wiped his awkwardness away and in an instant, he was back to smiling her.

"A Little sister..." He tried the words in his mind and on his tongue. "I like that. I never had a sibling growing up and it would be really nice to have you as my little sister." he told her genuinely.

"I like that too. I hope your family won't mind though."

"It's just me, mum and grandmum and they will be thrilled to have you around. They live in this little cottage, west of Bethesda, it's not much but it's very cosy. There are flowers, gardens..." Killion's voice droned out as Havillah resisted the urge to think about her own family back on Triberias. Her mind drifted to her friends, Moriella and Chaira and she wondered how they were.

"What do they think about what had happened to me?Do they even know? Did the elders tell them?" She dismissed those thoughts and turned back to Killion who had just finished his description. He eyed her with a speculative gaze and a frown formed on his face.

"When was the last time you ate?" As if to agree with him, a stomach rumbled and she looked away in embarassmeny. Killion laughed at her expression and reached out for the cabin's door with a purpose in steps.

"Stay here. I'll have something prepared for you." He said turning the knob. "There's a shower through that door and feel free to rest. The room is all yours." Havillah nodded and he smiled back at her before leaving the cabin to organise for her meal.

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