Brothers at War - Part 8

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This chapter was written by my friend Ashie (From Ashiebo). She knows the character Hailey a bit better than me. Enjoy.                                                                           

                                                       - 7 days later -

Hailey woke up with a start. The only light was the digital clock blinking the numbers 4:10 and the only sound she could hear was her heavy breathing. Another early morning, - and she needed the bathroom…and fast. The vile taste in her throat was all too familiar; this was the third night in a row she had woken up. She was starting to doubt that she had the stomach flu because the medicine wasn’t working at all.

“Hailey? Are you alright?” She coughed up the last of it and croaked out a ‘yes’.

Claire wasted no time going from sleepy to motherly.

“Of course you’re not. Here.” Hailey gratefully took the cold facecloth and toothbrush and cleaned herself up.  A few minutes later she ventured downstairs and found Claire in the lounge watching a muted early morning TV show.

“Thanks” Hailey forced out a little smile.

“How are you feeling?” Claire smiled back sympathetically.

“I’ve been better….” Hailey stopped. “I love how its you that’s looking after me now. I’m even throwing up more than you and you’re the one who’s pregnant” she laughed.  As soon as Hailey said it the words echoed inside her head. There was a very long pause where Hailey started calculating what that possibility was…  “I’m not just sick am I? she said finally.  

“Well...” Claire who had been watching her said, hesitating.  Hailey sighed and slumped down onto the couch next to her.

                                        -  Sometime Later -


“It’ positive.” Hayley announced coming out of the bathroom.

“You sure?” Claire asked with an anticipated smile.

“Positive” Hayley’s cheeky smile turned into a giggle when she saw Claire trying not to laugh. “I’m sorry, I had to.” She said in between fits of laughter.

As time passed the news sank in. She was scared, another kid. It’s not that she didn’t want another one, it was just…she didn’t want to raise a second child on her own. She didn’t like to think about that possibility but it was constantly there, a nightmare on the edge of every one of her thoughts. Hailey realized that if Chase were there with her, there would be no doubt about the joy of a new baby. It was the only thought of going through pregnancy without Chase and maybe even raising the baby without its father that almost poisoned the thought. He had to come back, he had to. Hayley squeezed her eyes shut, she had to stop thinking about it.  Tears had been known to escape and she definitely did not want them to appear when she had just gotten Amelia quiet. She kissed Amelia on the forehead and settled down onto the window seat.

The distant sizzle of eggs on a pan, the soft morning sun was warm on her skin, Amelia’s gentle breath tickled her ear. This moment was…almost perfect.

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