Chapter 14| seven minutes in hell

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The room feels like it's moving- closing in on us. The dim light flickers from above showing us some visible aspects of the small closet, like sealed boxes and messy clothes that lay behind us.

"Millie" Noah whispers, making me look back at him, the dim light reflects back at his messy brown hair and hazel brown eyes that are full of concern, clearly he's noticed my frantic eyes as shaking hands.

"I'm a little claustrophobic that's all" I chuckle nervously.

Noah nods his head, taking out his phone as he looks down at the screen, "Anything new with Jacob?" Noah says, his eyes glued to the screen.

"I haven't talked to him since before the panel incident" I shrug letting my gaze stumble to my bare feet, "I don't think he's gonna wanna talk to me after what happened"

"Why do you do this to yourself Mills?" Noah asks with calculating eyes, a thin line of empathy in his tone. Something I quite frankly despise. I hate people feeling sorry for me.

"I believe in second chances"

"You deserve someone better" Noah argues as he aligns his gaze to match mine.

I feel myself choke on my own words, struggling to get anything out."I-I"

"I won't judge your actions Millie"Noah cuts in quickly, "But I won't stand for this smug bastard to hurt you"

"Tha-thanks Noah," I say with a humble smile.

"Always" he mumbles, I look up at him in relief, a small smile tugging at his lips that sends comfort.

The buzzer suddenly rings, I exhale a breath I didn't know I was holding in as we step out of the stuffy closet, everyone's eyes on us. Suddenly I feel a sudden painful feeling drop onto my head as I feel myself collapse to the floor, my arms sprawled everywhere.

I hear everyone rush to my side as I flicker open my eyes as they zoom in on everyone leaning over me, my head physically throbbing.

"Millie!" They all gasp, Caleb and Noah help me sit up as I look at the floor. Glass. I suddenly look up and realise what hit me- the chandelier.

I feel a liquid substance run down my face, I bring my fingers to my forehead as I feel a cut on it, blood dripping. Everywhere.

"Are you okay?" Noah exclaims. I nod my head slowly in agony.

"Should we take her to the hospital?" Gaten exclaims.

"N-no!" I snap, feeling my head throb loudly, "It's just a small cut"

"You're going to faint Mills!" Gaten exclaims that causes my ears to ring, I flinch at the sudden response that causes him to swear before constantly apologising.

"Guys it's getting late" Finn says calmly as he looks down at me,"You guys go on ahead, I'll get her cleaned up" he nods, not breaking eye contact.

I feel a small flutter in my stomach but my thoughts are focused on my current incident, everyone nods their heads as they give me a small group hug before heading out of the door.

I look back at Finn in confusion, "You have blood all over your jeans, go and get changed and we'll get you cleaned up" Finn orders as he stands up, reaching out his hand for me to take. I hesitate as my pulse goes through the roof, I grab his hand as he helps me up.

I stagger to the extra room attached as I helplessly get changed into an oversized jumper that ends a few inches above the knee, I decided not to wear leggings since it's too stuffy.

I stagger back to the main room as Finn darts his hands to my shoulders, holding me up. I look back at him, sighing. I might have had too much to drink and am in current pain, but something is telling me my head's not working properly.

Or maybe that's just me.

"Let's get you to the bathroom," he says as he helps me there, the lights flicker on as Finn suddenly lifts me up onto the counter by my waist beside the sink, a big mirror behind. I feel my cheeks suddenly flush at the feel of Finns grasp, before he lets go.

He grabs a white towel and soaks it in warm water before he leans in, rubbing my forehead from the blood, my legs sprawled as I huff out in frustration.

I take a minute to admire his face as his eyes are zoomed on to my forehead, the arch of his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. His eyes suddenly drop to mine, his gaze holding mine captive.

"What?" He scoffs in amusement as he raises an eyebrow.

I shrug, "You're just really pretty" I moan, Finn chuckles in a low, husky tone.

"How hard did you hit your head?" Finn scoffs, his tone hints amusement, I furrow my eyebrows whilst his hand with the towel is still on my forehead.

"You've always been pretty" I scoff, Finn shakes his head in amusement.

"Your drunk, Millie" Finn says sternly, his tone turns serious.

"I kissed you" I blurt out, before I cover my mouth, chuckling.

Finn raises an eyebrow, his gaze still fixed to the cut on my forehead, "I had a panic attack. What you did was pretty smart" he shrugs, seeming slightly impressed.

God he's too perfect.

"I wanted to" I say slowly, waiting for any reaction from Finn, but I get none. Finn suddenly drops his hand from my forehead as he lays the wet towel beside me, before averting his gaze back to me.

"Millie" he warns sternly as he leans both arms beside my legs on the sink.

"I always wanted to" I say giggling, his face hardens at my comment before softening again, as if he has to remind himself that what I'm saying isn't true.

I shrug,"Your pretty Finn" I continue to giggle.

"Milli-" he whispers before I cut him off by putting a finger to his soft lips. My eyes drop to his lips and back to his eyes again, his irises show no sign of emotion.

Finn suddenly pushes my finger away from his lips as he sighs slowly,"If this is some sort of stupid game, I'm not in the mood to play. Your seriously hurt" Finn scoffs, turning his head away. I furrow my eyebrows as I bring my hands to Finns face, cupping his cheeks so he's forced to look at me.

"I won't" I whisper before I pull Finns face close enough to mine. I close my eyes before leaning in to bring my lips to his, they brush off his soft ones before I fully plunge mine onto his. A second passes before our lips start entwining, syncing in motion, I don't move my hands from Finns cheeks.

I suddenly feel sparks fly, the whole room consuming us. He's kissing me back-

And for once.

In a very long while-

I feel safe.


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