Chapter Four

            I woke with a start, unable to see and began to panic. What happened, have I gone blind?

But then the memories of the last four days, and sighed.

Oh Quinn, just take me back please. I thought mournfully. But I knew it was too late. I chose this fate, heck I wanted this fate. But it wasn’t what I thought it would be like.

As I drifted through my thoughts, a sudden bell struck through my thoughts, destroying the last thought I had.

I counted the bells, and found it to be around midnight. So where is he? I thought to myself.

My feet started falling asleep, then my neck started cramping, and I began to lose sight of the freedom I once imagined. I thought his ship would be different, I thought he would introduce me slowly and I would be accepted quickly. But here I am hiding like a fugitive running away from the King’s Army.

            I couldn’t stand hiding in that cupboard and though I was supposed to stay in it for the sake of my safety, I could not help it. I quietly crawled through the cupboard and pushed the door open. As I looked around the galley, imagine my surprise when I found Eon munching on an apple. My eyes widened and I quickly closed the door, but instead of closing discreetly, it closed with a bang!

            I heard Eon stop munching, and I could feel his gaze penetrating through the door of this cupboard. I quickly crawled all the way to the back, but if he finds me in here, there would be no hope in escaping him. Eon’s heavy footsteps began walking near the cupboards and step by step, my breathing slowly came to a stop.

Please, please, please don’t open the cupboard. Oh please.

But fate would not let me have my way and I suddenly heard the cupboard door opening. However, the door seemed to be stuck and Eon began to struggle in opening it.

“Eon!” I heard someone shout. “What are you doing eating an apple in the galley? Are you mad? Are you drunk? Because it appears you are trying to look through an empty cupboard.”

“No sir! I just heard a strange sound coming from this cupboard. I heard it close all by itself, and I know there ain’t no ghosts on this ship.”

“Now look here Eon, maybe it’s because you’ve been eating my apples, and you’re just hearing things out of guilt. Now get out before I tell the captain and he puts you in the brig! You’ve already gotten in trouble with him enough for today,” The man scolded.

“Fine Fume, but I’m keeping this apple.”

            “You keep that apple, that’ll be all you’re getting for breakfast,” Fume threatened.

“Fine then keep the damn apple. I found a worm in it anyways,” Eon threw the apple to the floor.

“GET OUT OF MY GALLEY!” Fume shouted.

“All right all right I’m leaving already geez.”

As Eon walked out, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now I gotta hide those apples before Eon eats them all,” I heard Fume mutter to himself. “Hmm, he said empty cupboard eh? Well if he can’t open it, that’ll probably be the best place to hide these apples.”

My heart began to beat rapidly, and I moved my knees closer to my chest, like a little girl out on the streets during a storm.

Fume had no trouble opening the cupboard and just as he was about to place the barrel of apples inside, he hesitated.

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