Ch. 3 Kitty don't like water

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I went inside my bedroom as I found Grimmjow following me, he then ask,

"What are you doing?"

I reply,   "I'm taking a shower"


"Cause I'm filthy so I need to get clean. Don't you ever take a shower?"


"Gross, I guess the kitty doesn't like water"

"I'm not a kitty"

"So take a shower. If you dare"

"I will"

He began to strip right in front of me, I cover my eyes then said,

"Wait,  could you have gotten naked after I left"

I walk blind in the room to find the door, when my hand felt something thinking it was the door knob. I soon realized it was something else. When I open my eyes to see what it was I shriek as my face burn into flames. Grimmjow then said,

"What are you fuzzing about? You were trying to peek at them earlier"

I protest "I was just making sure you were real"

"C'mon don't give me that bull shit"

"Maybe you should stop procrastinating and take a shower"

I shove him in the bath tub he fell in the water, he began splash everywhere. I pour shampoo on his head then began to scrub his hair, he began to be a hassle wanting to get out. I wanted to scrub his body with soap but he jump out the shower and out my balcony. I began to chase him down, when I was about to take a turn he surprise attack me with the hose. The water shoot me to the wall, he began to laugh saying,

"How do you like it now?"

I ran toward without mercy and tackle him down and sat on his  back taking control of the hose screaming,

"I need to wash behind your ears"

When I was through I rinse him then brought him back home then began to wash his clothes.

I then took a quick shower, after changing into some clothes. I found Grimmjow butt ass naked in my bed I growl

"Have the decency to wear a towel at least"

"Well I'm waiting for my clothes to dry" he mentioned

"Didn't you put it in the dryer?"

"the what?"

"Never mind I'll do it"

I went to the laundry room and put his clothes to dry. I see a water gun laying there screaming to get pick up to be shoot. I went to fill it up, slowly I made way upstairs to my bedroom and slyly open the door.

I took him by surprise and began squirting water as i yelled,

"Pay back baby!"

he jump out the bed pissed off. Grimmjow's stare scared me cause I knew without a word I'm dead and began to chase me down. And that's how we spent our first day together.

to be continue....

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