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A/N: This story will become free on February 28, 2022


Research Laboratory
January 2065

Abala ang lahat sa kani-kanilang ginagawa. People in laboratory gowns and gloves filled the place—and mostly are men. The large table on the center contains animal meats of different parts from pork, beef, veal, venison, poultry, and seafood.

Some men in lab gowns took the meat and studied it under the huge microscopes. Naka-focus sila sa ginagawa ngunit agad ding napatigil nang tumunog ang malaking broadcasting system na nasa loob ng laboratory.

"Researchers, please proceed to the conference room!" paulit-ulit na anunsyo.

Everyone removed their gloves and masks before moving to the adjoining room. Nang makalipat na ang lahat ay pumasok na rin ang isang lalaking puti ang buhok. His wrinkled face still screams authority.

"Good morning, researchers," bati niya at inilibot ang paningin sa bawat isa. "Kaya ko kayo ipinatawag ay dahil meron akong nais sabihin."

Murmurs and other comprehensible whispers filled the room. Agad iyong natigil nang tinapik ng lalaki ang mesa. Everyone fell into silence and their attention are now back to the man.

"Meat is our precious food and we are happy to serve the elites, especially the royal family, the best meat we could find. But sad to say, our workforce is becoming shaky. The elites are no longer happy with the parts and cuts that we provide. And with that, we made a decision."

Isa pang bulungan ang bumalot sa silid ngunit saglit lamang iyon dahil agad na nagsalita ang lalaki.

"We are providing free education to exceptional people to become part of our future project."

Isa sa researcher ang nagtaas ng kamay at agad namang pinagtuonan ng pansin. "Exceptional people? Not necessarily men?"

Tumango ang lalaki. "Yes. It's a big project so we need a larger number of researchers for this long-term project."

Isa na namang researcher ang nagtaas ng kamay. "What project?"

A lopsided smile escaped the man's lip. "Our Project: RUM."

"RUM?" the question coming from the side.

The man nodded. "Research for Ultimate Meat. And now, our quest for exceptional people will now commence."

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