(15) The 'Bad Side' Of San Fransokyo [Part 1]

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You bolt right up from your bed and gasped as you breathed heavily.

You put a hand on your heart to feel it pounding madly.

You sighed in relief and ran a hand through your hair.

"Just a dream.." You muttered as your breathing became even again.

You dreamt that you were on the 'goodie' side of San Fransokyo and you were staying with the 'friends' that you've made over the days.

Yes, you were born in the so-called 'bad side' of San Fransokyo.

You were trying to fit on the goodie side but there's the keyword: trying.

You sighed and was going to lie back on your bed when your noticed that the covers had different colors compared to the last time you changed it.

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked around.

"This isn't my room.." You thought, looking puzzled.

"Where am I?"

"Rise and shine (Y/n)!" Someone yelled while opening the curtains, which revealed a very bright light of the sun, making you jump and tumble out of the bed.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" The person apologized.

You groaned and stood up, sitting back on your bed while blinking at the bright light.

You felt the bed dip down as someone sat beside you while rubbed your back soothingly with one hand and asked, "Are you alright?"

You looked at the person and realized who it is.

"Quesnay?" You hesitated.
You couldn't quite remember the names clearly but you'll just have to try.

She gave you a smile.

"Yeah? Why are you looking at me like you've seen a ghost?" She replied while eyeing you nervously.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Oh chicken nuggets.. It's real..

* * *

You looked around in awe as you saw the high buildings of the place.

New technology always amazed you and you, yourself was a genius by birth.

You really wanted to school at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology or SFIT for short.

It was the biggest tech school in all of San Fransokyo.

"So, (Y/n). You're gonna enroll right?" Quesnay asked beside you as she walked with you.

You looked at her and made a confused face.

"Enroll where exactly?" You asked, raising an eyebrow.

She snorted slightly.

"SFIT, duh!" She said it like it was the obvious thing in the world.

You rolled your eyes.

"Yeah, yeah." You muttered, continuing to look around.

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