So, basically, this is how I really wrote Moments before I edited it so I wouldn't make you cry!

But you guys can see it now.

Pic is Louis!



Louis Tomlinson’s POV

~flashback 1 year ago~

Where could she be? I thought to myself as I was walking around the bar.


“Louis! Help!” I screamed, as a guy began to unzip my jeans.


I opened a door and saw Emily and a guy, the guy shirtless and Emily looking at him with wide eyes as he undid her jeans. I immediately tackled the guy to the floor, and in one swift move, my fist connected with his face. The guy’s face jerked sideways as he took his muscular arm up to his face. I stood up, kicking him in the leg, and I ran over to Emily, protectively cradling her to me.


I started crying into Louis, I didn’t want to be raped. “Louis, I’m scared.” I cried.

“Shhh… it’s okay.” Louis’s voice was soothing and calm. I never wanted to lose him.


Emily continued crying into me, saying things like she was scared that I’d be pissed at her.

“Calm down, it’s alright.” I held her tighter, never wanting to lose her.

~end of flashback~

Shut the door,

Turn the light off,

I shut my door gently and slid down the wall by it, after turning the light off. Tears were building up in my eyes rapidly as I buried my face in my Hollister jacket, trying not to sob really hard.

I wanna be with you,

I wanna feel your love.

Memories of Emily and I flashed through my mind. Emily got in a car accident and wasn’t doing well. She ended up getting into a coma and she hasn’t come out in a while.

I wanna lay beside you,

 “Louis! That cloud looks like a….. cloud!” Emily giggled, pointing at a cloud. I put my arm around her shoulders. She rest her head right on my left shoulder and I looked up.

“That one looks like a heart,” I pointed to a heart shaped cloud.

“I,” Emily pointed to herself, “Heart,” She pointed to the heart cloud, “You.” She pointed at me. I smiled at her, giving her a peck on the lips.

I cannot hide this,

Even though I try.

Someone had entered my room. I look up at them.

“What do you want?” I asked in a voice. It sounded like I had been crying, yet I haven’t even shed a tear. God, this is really hitting me.

Heart beats harder,

Time escapes me.

“Lou, she wanted me to give this to you if anything ever happened to her.” Niall Horan handed me a photo. I used my flashlight on my phone to look at it. My heart race sped up. Another flashback. The tears welled up, ready to break from behind the dam they were stuck in.

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