last time

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Chap -2

Last time….

Khushi was very tense. She didn’t know what to do .she didn’t want to face that part of her life again .Arnav was both the best and the worst thing that could have happened to her. Not only did she feel awkward meeting her  “ex – husband” but also she knew whenever they met sparks fly ,hatred and love clash with each other, it becomes a period of emotional turmoil and at the same time that time constitutes of undisputed seconds of pure bliss. bliss of having each other’s presence. Dammit!!!her life is seeming like an antithesis now.

arnav , she had so many memories with him –good bad , worst, best, beautiful, enchanting ,sad – all types of different memories. In fact he was a major inspiration for her to start writing poems and stories and now she didn’t want to meet him –how mad of her?!!!

“why don’t you request briganza to assign you some other work away from that asr  ? she might consider your request” suggested Anjali , khushi’s friend and roommate . Anjali worked in the same company as khuhi and lavanya .while they both worked in the writing and ideation department, anjali  worked in the financial department .

“I just committed to her, it would  seem so….”

“alright alright I understand .ummmm do one thing run away for a few days take a holiday” suggested lavanya.

“that’s so unprofessional!!! Uh !! I don’t know what to do !leave it  I ‘ll face him only that is better than all these excuses .i shall act extremely professionally with him .yes, that’s what I ‘ll do.” said khushi.

“well, as much as I remember you had told us that once you had tried to act professionally with him but you ended being friends with him then love ,marriage and what not” teased Anjali.

Khushi made a grumpy face on this statement and went inside her room while Anjali and lavanya giggled.

The whole week khushi practised with the mirror  how she shall behave with asr who was coming today.

She made sure she didn’t make any special efforts to look good, she naturally looked good. she made sure she didn’t wear red. and again practised with the mirror. phew! this was tedious. then she realised that she was running late by 10 minutes! oh no!

(Khushi s looks)She started running with the speed of I don’t know how many meters per second , causing chaos in the streets ,clashing with people ,making  many coffees fall off people’s hands and what not !

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(Khushi s looks)
She started running with the speed of I don’t know how many meters per second , causing chaos in the streets ,clashing with people ,making  many coffees fall off people’s hands and what not !

She bashed in through the glass door “ sorry sorry sorry I hope I am not late ………….”

He turned . till now he was talking to mrs briganza and now his full attention was towards that familiar voice.  “khushi” he slowly said.

She looked at him ,all her practice failing her.

Aankhein khuli toh dekhun tumhe

Sirf yehi farmaaish thi

Pehli to mujhko yaad nahi

Tu meri aakhri khwaaish thi

“ASR meet ms. khushi upadhyay she shall tell you all about the book and guide you throughout . I ensure you that we shall not disappoint you in any way and your experience with us  shall surely be a memorable one.

Ms. Upadhyay  please show ASR his cabin and brief him about our story . at 2pm we shall hold   a conference . for now let him rest a bit”

In ASR’s cabin , there was a wave of awkwardness between khushi and arnav. “so,this was your dream job,khushi ?”

“yes and how are you?”

Sehlun main ab teri kami

Mujhse ye hoga hi nahi

Tum aise mujhme shaamil ho tum jaan meri tum hi dil ho

Shaayad main bhula du khud ko bhi magar tumko bhool na paungi

“ oh I am fine in fact excellent .and yes I read your book it was kind of nice…”

“ha ha ha you and read  a romance .if I didn’t know you too well then I would have believed you dev…………..sorry arnav”

Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi

Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi

“it’s fine. I didn’t read your book khushi it was damn boring” both smiled at this light conversation.

“ I didn’t want to meet you again khushi, odnt feel bad , its just that meeting you just reminds me our past ………….”

I know I know I know  I have been late and this is one bakwaas chap yet I just wanted to make arshi meet

Next few parts shall describe their pasts from narrator’s view point

I don’t expect any likes for this part

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