13 old me liked to write twilight fan-fiction, I'm just keeping it on here to relive the childhood memories~ 

All rights to Stephanie Meyer. 


Bella's POV 

The abrupt BANG from the thunder woke me....again. I sighed wearily and searched for Edward. Sure enough, my hands found his and I sat up to see his beautiful face smiling apologetically at me. What...so does he even blame himself for the thunder too? Edward blames himself for just about every bad thing that happens to me, even if he was nothing to do with whats happend! I returned the smile as he slowly kissed my forehead and got up. 

"Bella, i have to go now, to hunt. Sleep and please don't miss me, ok?" He said. 

"Ok. bye Edward." I replied. 

Half a second later he was gone and I lay down to sleep again, but was interrupted by my favourite ringtone...my phone? At this time of night? Still... it rang, and I put my ear to it and answered. 

"Umm...hello?" I asked, confused. 

"Do not speak." A female voice began in a commanding tone. "Do not scream. Do not give away that this is an 'unusual' conversation to anyone or your friend here will be...disposed. Understand?" 

"My friend?!" I exclaimed. 

"If you want them to be safe just answer with the words 'Yes' and 'No' in case there are people near you. Understand?" 

"Yes." I obeyed, terrified. Why wasn't Edward here, he would know what to do! My friend was in trouble?! Who? And who is this? 

"I know who you are, Isabella Swan. Come to the meadow...you know where that is. Come alone or face the consequences. That is all." The caller hung up. Everything was silent in my bedroom and my body refused to move for a number or minutes. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Suddenly I was on my feet running to grab my coat. What am I doing? I answered the question to myself. Saving my friend. Whoever it was was in trouble and I placed their lives before my own. I all but flung myself out of the door into the pitch black night. I was being pelted by rain and fell several times before I reached the border to the forest. If I cut through there I would get to the meadow faster. Did I really want to do this? Yes. I began pushing branches out of the way as I flew through the forest, cutting my fingers a couple of times. Suddenly a flash or lightning illuminated the trees, and scaring the crap out of me. Seconds later the thunder came...but that was expected, so I didn't freak out as much. I was scrambling through the forest as fast as my trembling body would let me. I was starting to lose all hope, thinking I was becoming lost and that i should just go home, when suddenly I saw the path that Edward ran up when he came to our meadow. With renewed hope I ran and ran up the path until I saw through the cloak of rain...the flowers that marked the entrance to the meadow. Only now did I decide to question myself about going through the last of the trees and into the meadow. My doubt evaporated as quickly as it had arrived. I had already told myself that my friends mattered to me, and I would be a fool to let them suffer because of me. And so a stepped through into the place I loved the most, and now feared the most too.

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