Chapter 1: surprise at work                      

I walked through the door of my house feezing my butt off. I wish my mom would turn the air off for once. I pur my coat in the closet and went upstiars to my room. I set my backpack on my bed and went to my desk. As i opened my computer, my phone started vibrating. My friend Aisley texted me. Aisley only talked about one direction and only tweeted about them. Sometimes it got annoying but I learned to deal with it. I logged into twitter and realized i got another follower. It was one of one direction, Niall Horan.

I should feel kinda luck, a famous person follows me on twitter, He don't know me in real life so no big deal. All i did was follow him back.

I looked at the time and it was 3:30. "oh no, i better go or i'm gonna be late for work".

I put on my work uniform and headed downstairs. I went into the kitchen to get my food for when my break comes. Usually my mom leaves a bag of food for me but this time there was nothing.

"This is really strange". I had no time to think about it.

I grabbed some money and my car keys and headed out the door. My car was a blue jeep, the new verison. I aboslutey love jeeps!

I hopped in my jeep, started it up and drove off.

My long brown hair flying in the wind. I was at a stop light and a car right in front of me wouldn't go so i honked my horn and they started driving. I parked at Mcdonalds so i can start my shift. I walked through the door and my friend Rachel shouted "there you are Abby!" "I"m so sorry I'm late." i said frowning. "Thats ok." "Yeah some loser was taking forever at the stoplight." "haha" Rachel laughed.

"Anyways, we better get to work." I said walked behind the counter. Rachel walked over to the drive thru place while I took my place behind the register. My first customer for today was a big buff dude. He looked like a security guard. "Hello may I help you" I always said to customers.

"Yes, I'll take two cheese burgers, one mcdouble, two chicken sandwhichs, five medium sodas, and three large fries" he said in a british accent. "Alright would you want any sauces with that?"  "Ketchup and mayo packets please."

"Ok that will be $42.46 please." The big buff dude handed me the money and I put it in the register and gave him his change.

"Your change is $4.02."

"Thank you" he said taking the money. "Your welcome." - - - - - - - - -

The big buff dude walked outside carrying the food. "Abby" Rachel said. "What Rachel" I said sounding a bit tense. "I'm gonna take my break" Rachel said walking outside. "Ok.

I just stood there, bored. Then some guy with curly brown hair and dim green eyes walked through the door.

"Hi, I'm Harry Styles" he said with a cute british accent.

"Oh and I"m Abby Bells, anything else?" Harry laughed a little.

"Sorry, I just-" before Harry could finish Rachel ran in screaming "one direction is here!"

Rachel screamed even louder as Harry turned around. "OMG! your Harry Styles!"  Harry chuckled a bit "yes i am."

"Um hello may i help you with something" i said sounding tense.

"Yeah you forgot my chicken sandwhich."

"Oh sorry."

I went to the back and got a chicken sandwhich. " Here you go" I said giving him his chicken sandwhich. "Thanks" he said. "And you" he said walking towards Rachel. "You can call me." Rachel had almost fainted, I rolled my eyes.

Harry walked back out the dorr carrying his chicken sandwhich.

"Glad thats over" I said. "I can't believe you don't like one direction" Rachel said putting her hands on the counter. "Well believe it!"

"Don't you like them a tiny bit?" Rachel said sounding a bit annoying. "Rachel, I told you before, I have no interest in some british boy band"

"Correction, british and irish, niall is irish and you can't leave him out!" Rachel shouted.

"Oh my god! Rachel please stop talking about it, I get enough from Aisley."

I came out from behind the counter and sat down in a booth to eat. I got out a melted ham and cheese sandwhich and started eating.

The delicous taste in my mouth took m mind off many things. "So did you see Harry's gorgeous green eyes?" Rachel said getting all girly.

"OK seriously Rachel, you gotta stop that" I said with a mouth full of food.

"Alright fine I'll stop, for today." I rolled my eyes and continued eating.

" I'm done" I said throwing my trash away. "Lets get back to work" I said sighing.

"Yeah, because work is so much fun" Rachel said throwing her hands in the air.

We laughed and went back to work.

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