Chapter 1: surprise at work                      

I walked through the door of my house feezing my butt off. I wish my mom would turn the air off for once. I pur my coat in the closet and went upstiars to my room. I set my backpack on my bed and went to my desk. As i opened my computer, my phone started vibrating. My friend Aisley texted me. Aisley only talked about one direction and only tweeted about them. Sometimes it got annoying but I learned to deal with it. I logged into twitter and realized i got another follower. It was one of one direction, Niall Horan.

I should feel kinda luck, a famous person follows me on twitter, He don't know me in real life so no big deal. All i did was follow him back.

I looked at the time and it was 3:30. "oh no, i better go or i'm gonna be late for work".

I put on my work uniform and headed downstairs. I went into the kitchen to get my food for when my break comes. Usually my mom leaves a bag of food for me but this time there was nothing.

"This is really strange". I had no time to think about it.

I grabbed some money and my car keys and headed out the door. My car was a blue jeep, the new verison. I aboslutey love jeeps!

I hopped in my jeep, started it up and drove off.

My long brown hair flying in the wind. I was at a stop light and a car right in front of me wouldn't go so i honked my horn and they started driving. I parked at Mcdonalds so i can start my shift. I walked through the door and my friend Rachel shouted "there you are Abby!" "I"m so sorry I'm late." i said frowning. "Thats ok." "Yeah some loser was taking forever at the stoplight." "haha" Rachel laughed.

"Anyways, we better get to work." I said walked behind the counter. Rachel walked over to the drive thru place while I took my place behind the register. My first customer for today was a big buff dude. He looked like a security guard. "Hello may I help you" I always said to customers.

"Yes, I'll take two cheese burgers, one mcdouble, two chicken sandwhichs, five medium sodas, and three large fries" he said in a british accent. "Alright would you want any sauces with that?"  "Ketchup and mayo packets please."

"Ok that will be $42.46 please." The big buff dude handed me the money and I put it in the register and gave him his change.

"Your change is $4.02."

"Thank you" he said taking the money. "Your welcome." - - - - - - - - -

The big buff dude walked outside carrying the food. "Abby" Rachel said. "What Rachel" I said sounding a bit tense. "I'm gonna take my break" Rachel said walking outside. "Ok.

I just stood there, bored. Then some guy with curly brown hair and dim green eyes walked through the door.

"Hi, I'm Harry Styles" he said with a cute british accent.

"Oh and I"m Abby Bells, anything else?" Harry laughed a little.

"Sorry, I just-" before Harry could finish Rachel ran in screaming "one direction is here!"

Rachel screamed even louder as Harry turned around. "OMG! your Harry Styles!"  Harry chuckled a bit "yes i am."

"Um hello may i help you with something" i said sounding tense.

"Yeah you forgot my chicken sandwhich."

"Oh sorry."

I went to the back and got a chicken sandwhich. " Here you go" I said giving him his chicken sandwhich. "Thanks" he said. "And you" he said walking towards Rachel. "You can call me." Rachel had almost fainted, I rolled my eyes.