Chapter Five

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Hey guys!

So this chapter is a little longer than the last one (but it is still pretty short D:) but it should hopefully stir things up  a bit! :)

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Two months since I’d  moved, I could be found lounging on my bed with my laptop open, having an active Skype call with Alex and scrolling through Twitter.

“…been missing you,” Alex said. “But you seem like you’re at least getting used to it there.”

I nodded. “My new friends have really made it easier for me. As soon as I met them, I felt like I knew them already, which was weird, but we’re nearly inseparable now.” I stared at the screen thoughtfully. “But of course, you’re still my number one, Alex.”

“I should hope so,” she replied sassily. “So tell me about these new friends of yours.”

“Hmm…” I murmured, trying to figure out where to begin. “I guess I should start with Jordan. He was assigned by the principal to be my tour guide, and even though he’s been relieved of that now, he still acts the part. He’s actually really cute and funny.”

Alex looked thoughtful. “Go on.”

“Next is Zach. He’s a total goof, and he’s got this hilarious laugh and smile. He’s always cracking bad jokes, but we laugh at them anyway.” I grinned. “Then there’s Sean. He is completely cute, and he’s got this smile that just makes you want to smile in return, you know? He’s pretty funny too.”

Alex grinned back.

“Then comes Julio. He is basically the king of sarcasm, seriously. And he tells the best stories ever.” I tapped lightly on the bed, searching my mind. “Then there’s Maddie. She is basically my long lost twin, besides you. She loves books and fangirls over a ton of things with me when the boys won’t.” Alex chuckled. “Next is Mike. He makes you laugh every time a word even comes out of his mouth. Whenever we have an awkward silence he knows how to fill it. Last but not least is Liam. His voice is really deep but it’s actually really calming. But don’t let that fool you—his wit is just as sharp as any of the others’.” I stopped to take a breath. That had been a lot to describe, and I still didn’t feel like I was doing my new friends justice.

“Wow,” stated Alex after a few seconds. “They sound fantastic.”

I smiled. “They are.”

Just then, my phone vibrated next to me, playing my ringtone of Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. I glanced over at the name on the screen. It read Sean, with a goofy picture of the two of us together as the contact picture.

“It’s Sean,” I told Alex. “Should I…?”

She waved me off. “Go ahead. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Thanks.” I pressed answer and held the phone up to my ear. “Hello?”

“Hey, Elise,” Sean’s voice greeted through the speaker. “I just wanted to ask if you wanted to play some Minecraft? Jordan and Mike are on.” (AN: All the YouTubers have alternate accounts in this story)

“Sure!” I responded, surprised. Even since Jordan had asked for my IGN on that first day, we’d never actually played together. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to. “Meet me on Mineplex?”

“Okay. See you there!” Sean replied, hanging up the phone.

“They on Minecraft?” Alex asked as I put my phone to sleep and moved over to the desk with my laptop.

“Yup. We’re getting on Mineplex. Want to come?”

“Heck yeah!” A few clicks and I’d met up with her in the hub, adding her to my party. 

“Let’s see, where are the boys…” I muttered, climbing a tree to get a better view.

Suddenly I was hit by a wave of bats and fell from my perch. 

“Agh! Stupid bat bomb!” I growled, turning to see who’d shot me.

Three players stood before me, each shifting with heads lowered. I recognized Jordan’s IGN at the front.

“Oh my god,” I sighed. “I found them, Alex.”

“Let me guess,” she said slowly, bouncing over to us. “They’re the ones who shot you just now?”

I groaned halfheartedly. “Yep.”

She chuckled. “Add them to the party.”

Minutes later, we were all in a game of Turf Wars: Sean and I on red and Mike, Jordan, and Alex on blue. The game began and I raced to one side and built my usual five-story staircase out of the red wool in my inventory. I quickly managed first blood, killing a random Steve who hadn’t taken shelter in time. I only died after shooting six other people first, and red was taking the lead. I found Sean’s character and hurried over. He had built a mini fort that allowed for sniping, but defended him well. He was skillfully wielding his bow. I joined him and he made room for me so that we could snipe together.

“Oh, come on!” raged Alex. “That’s the fifth time I’ve been shot by whoever is next to you, Elise!”

I laughed as I sniped Jordan. “That would be Sean.”

She sighed in defeat. “Well, he’s seriously really good with a bow. That’s all I’ll say.”

A few minutes later, red had won the game. Sean and I bounced over to Jordan and Mike and shifted, punching with our bows. They turned away and I laughed again.

“Why don’t we add them to the Skype call?” suggested Alex. “I want to meet them, and it would be easier for us to play.”

“Sure thing,” I replied, texting Sean ‘Skype?’.

The three boys quickly added me and I added them to the call. The first thing I heard was, “Wait, why are we going on Skype instead of teamspeak again?”

“Nice to talk to you too, Mike,” I stated sarcastically.

“Hi Elise!” chimed in Jordan. 

“Hey,” I responded. “Guys, this is Alex. She’s my best friend in the entire world ever.”

“Julio will be incredibly disappointed,” said Mike bluntly.

“Hi!” greeted Alex. “Elise has told me so much about you guys. Nice to meet you!”

“Hello!” said the boys in unison.

“That was great sniping by the way, Sean,” Alex praised. “You got me so many times.”

“Well,” began Jordan. “He is the PVP master.”

“Jordan,” scolded Sean. “I am not.”

“You so are,” Mike interrupted. “Stop trying to deny it.”

We played for about two more hours before the guys had to go.  

“See you tomorrowwww,” said Mike.

“Bye guys!” I chirped.

After they’d left the call, Alex was silent.

“Alex? You still there?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorry,” she responded, sounding distant. “Just thinking… there’s something about their voices…” Another brief silence. “I have to make sure… talk to you later, Elise.” And she left the call.

I sat there looking at my laptop in confusion. What just happened?

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