1.1 Scarlett's Art Of Saying What He Needs To Hear

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"He's been yelling all day

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"He's been yelling all day."

I look up to see Mira leaning back in her seat, one arm dangling off the back as she chews gum. Her elbow-length hair hangs open, unlike mine which is tied up while I'm at work, and her dark eyes are circled by even darker eyeliner.

The obnoxious sound of her mouth working has been disturbing me for a while now, but with her addressing me, I can't ignore her presence anymore. Suddenly all the sounds come crashing upon me: the distant wailing of a disabled child, the incomprehensible chatter of the other interns and doctors in the cafeteria, the howling of the wind outside the high glass windows.

"He's sick," I say indifferently, lowering my gaze back to the logs I'm filling out.

Mira makes a sound between a groan and a scoff. "Why can't parents take care of their kids rather than sending them to us? I mean, if I had a crazy kid, I wouldn't make other people crazy trying fix him."

Biting back my retorts, I smile but don't answer. I've learned that arguing with Mira is useless. Her bitterness has lost track of reason by now. She's angry at everyone and about everything.

"Jules is quitting."

This catches my attention and my gaze snaps to Mira's face. She peeks at me from under her mascara-coated lashes, aware of the track my thoughts have taken.

"Why?" I question.

Mira shrugs, brushing her brown hair back with two of her fingers. "Said she doesn't want to work here and might take a gap-year."

As lightly as Mira puts it, I know there is more under the surface. I can already tell that Jules is quitting not because she doesn't like the hospital but because of the horny doctor Michael who won't get off her back. After the time he followed her into the ladies' room and locked it from inside, she's been scared and worried, taking days off and leaving earlier than usual.

"I know what you're thinking," Mira interrupts my musings. "But no, honey, Jules isn't being sexually harassed by anyone."

I purse my lips and roll my eyes. "What good is your psychology when you can't even see the obvious?" I ask her.

Mira chuckles, leaning towards me with an amused look in her brown eyes.

"You think I took psychology because I wanted to help people?" she asks, and I can sense the sarcasm in her tone. "Aw, doll, I opted for psych so I can know how to brainwash the inferior human race into my bidding and aid me in carrying out my world-domination plans."

I roll my eyes, unable to decide whether to be angry at Mira for being so childish or laugh along with her jokes.

"Either way, I'm not letting Jules drop out because some freak can't keep his hands to himself," I say, gathering up my paperwork and getting to my feet.

The skeptical look on Mira's face tells me she's mocking me, but I honestly don't care. Standing by and watching a girl being harassed at work isn't an option.

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