chapter 8

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The following no-school days, you spent it alone in your room. Your parents were working, so they don't really have time to be with you. You would occasionally just listen to music while they're gone, or just play with your phone.

It's really sad.

You sighed and went outside for air. It was really dark inside your room, as you were too lazy to open the blinds. You donned a blue jacket and put your hands on the pockets. You hummed a familiar tune and admired Paris' neighborhood; it had really tall chimneys and roof, perfect for Ladybug and Chat's swinging across the town.

And right on cue, they came running on the roofs. You spotted the one behind Ladybug, Chat Noir. You saw how his almost neon-green eyes glinted with excitement and happiness. You were caught off guard when he saw you looking at him. He gave you a smirk before running off to where his partner went.

Hours of mindless star counting, you figured that it was time to go inside. You went and turn on the lights, revealing the majority of your favorite color in your things. You yawned, although you didn't do anything this whole afternoon, it's really tiring to stay awake. You didn't bother changing, as you were already comfortable. You plopped on the matress and let the fatigue took over.

What you didn't realized was...

.... school starts tomorrow.


You woke up to your mom pulling your leg.

"Y/N, just wake up already! You're going to be late on your first day!"

You groaned, anxiety crawling up at the back of your head. You scratched your head and sat up, your mom finally leaving. You scoffed at your worst bed head that you can feel birds laying on it. You yawned one more time before completely standing up and stretching. Feeling satisfied, hearing your bones pop, you went downstairs to your mom combing her wet hair.

You sat down and ate breakfast, saying good bye to your parents. You checked the time and decided to take a bath before regretting it later.

Luckily, you weren't late at your first day at school this time. It was filled with newer students that you haven't met before. You went to your new classroom, and fortunately, Ms. Bustier was still your homeroom teacher.

You waited, until the bell rang. The new and old students came to sit down. Nathaniel sat beside you, just like last year, Chloe and Sabrina were still here. The new students introduced themselves, and you tried to remember their names this time. One was named Alix and the other was Kagami. They were both girls. Oh! And there was this Luka guy? And he was secretly Juleka's brother all along!

Though unfortunately, Nino had to move to the other room because of the exceeding number of students per section. This made you all sad, especially Adrien; they've been friends from the very beginning.

The table now required atleast 3 seats. Luckily, you and Alya were seatmates, along with Nathaniel. Adrien sat together with Marinette and Alix. Chloe and Sabrina still sat together, but now has Luka with them. You were really happy with Alya and Nathaniel beside you, and in front of you was your blond friend. During class, he turned around and gave you a wink, which you smiled at. He always managed to brighten your day this year.

The class finished, and you and Alya decided to walk home together. Marinette already went home with Rose and Juleka earlier.

Exiting, the two of you saw Adrien's car. And on cue, you felt his hand ruffling through your hair again. You reached for his hand and twisted it, hearing him whine. Adrien shook his hand, gently caressing it. He sheepingly smile. "Sorry," he said.

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