11. Hope Crystal.

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Hope Crystal.

"Will you now take me to see Killion?" Havillah turned to face the young soldier pleadingly.

"I won't and even if I wanted to I can't. The Captain is out at sea and as you can see, it is still dark out." The soldier replied pointing at the blackness that had once again engulfed them in its deep shadows. "I cannot risk it."he added. "There maybe more dragons out there."

"Fine, How about in the morning?" the young Great asked him.

"What about it?" His remark was snarky. Havillah narrowed her eyes at him and fixed the man with an irritated glower. However, he did not even look at her. Instead, he bent over his head and began to study the screen that had been mounted on a panel appended to his armour on the back of his right fore-arm. Left with no other choice, the girl breathed out a heavy sigh and tried again,


The soldier paused and raised his head to face her.

"Fine, but only because you said please." He replied shutting down the screen and the panel with it.

Too exhausted to protest, Havillah let the young soldier drag her into one of the abandoned buildings and there they waited out the night within the sanctuary of its still sturdy walls. With everything she had been through, the now banished Great felt exhaustion and she took that opportunity to rest in which, she managed to catch a few hours of dreamless slumber, that is until the young soldier shook her up and told her that it was time for them to leave.

"Are they back?" she asked groggily, noting the relative darkness of that was still enveloping room that they had chosen to occupy.

"No. It's morning!" The soldier hissed. "We need to get going if we are to find them before dark."

Havillah sighed and gathered herself up feeling irritated at the young soldier's methods. She then shook off imaginary dust from her now gold and black Triban robes and proceeded to follow the irritating man boy out of the derelict mansion.

"You know, you never told me your name." she attempted to start a conversation.

"You never asked." his responses remained rude even as he took huge strides down the massive drive way and into the wide and empty street that was lying before them.

"That's true, but now I am asking." She continued to walk behind him taking in the beauty of the pieces of architecture that were all around them. The paint looked a little bit peeled pu and some walls were cracked, but all the buildings remained standing and still maintained that same allure that reminded her so fondly of home.

"Gabriel!" the soldier finally croaked out and a smirk formed on Havillah's face.

"Gabriel," she thought as she stared back at the dark form, trying hard to connect the seemingly sweet name with the grumpy soldier who was alreadymarching off ahead of her.

"Hurry up! We do not have all day!" The soldier yelled even as he noticed that she had now slowed down her pace. With the smile still playing on her face, Havillah quickened her steps and managed to catch up with him. As they soldiered on, more light continued to filter in, sunny rays streaking the once bland and grey sky with a pink and orange glow as the sun burst out from the eastern horizon. The girl took in all this beauty in silence and every once in a while, she would burst out into a jog even as she tried to keep up with the long strides of the soldier who was still guiding her. Slowly but surely, they left behind the abandoned district behind and the further they moved east, she noticed that the streets were growing narrower and that the houses were getting smaller.

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