Sebastian Stan

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Racism/ racist slurs

One Shot: It's the year 1947, and Sebastian is one of the most wanted men in the country. Head of the mob and being the most feared out of all of his men, it's no surprise that anybody would be able to catch him, despite him being a free man. On your way back from your mother's house you bump into him, and it was like love at first sight.


The stars in the sky shone brightly as you briskly made your way home in the night. Your low heels clicked against the grey dull pavements while your low breaths mingled with the cold air. You felt a light breeze sweep against your body when you passed a second alley way, you made sure you stayed closer to the road side to avoid any unwanted surprises. You'd learned that from your last late night journey.

Subconsciously touching the deep scar on your arm, you continued to walk down the dimly lit street. Down at the Corner, there was a large celebration going on. Everybody on the block was invited and that unfortunately included you. Parties were never your thing especially when they're hosted by white people. The segregation laws were a bit looser in these parts of town but that didn't stop the discrimination.

Just from this distance you could hear the loud drunken shouts from the party goers coupled with music. There was no other way for you to get home except to pass through the Corner. The Corner was the place to be, it was the neighbourhood gathering area where everybody went to have fun or to deal with problems. Some problems being a lot more serious then childish squabbles. The mob.

Everybody knew everybody in the mob, and they knew everybody in the town. Nobody dared to cross them unless they wanted to end up like Andy Woods. A man who couldn't keep his gob shut and as a result the head of the mob, Sebastian Stan was on the top ten most wanted list in the country. Nobody knows what happened to Andy Woods, bar the fact that he never showed up to his mothers house after going to get the groceries.

As you neared the Corner you could spot Sebastian Stan in the midst of the crowd. His blue eyes gleamed with such brightness, despite the fact that he was surrounded by a bunch of fakes. He knew who his family was and who his enemies were. You spotted a familiar head of black locks, black locks that belonged to a very close friend of yours. Before you could turn the other way and escape her grasps you heard your name being yelled over the loud crowd.

"Y/N where you going?!" Nina shouted.

Nina was a very outgoing beautiful black woman who didn't care what anybody said about her. She woke up every morning and had a smile on her face despite what was happening in the world around her. Her optimism was overbearing at times, her key line being, "let God handle it baby'. She didn't care for the segregation laws or the racial slurs that were thrown at her, she was a carefree woman.

Letting out a low groan you slowly turned around to see Nina approaching you, she wore a black fitted dress that swooped at the bottom below her knees, her hair was styled in loose finger curls and her lips were stained with the faintest of red.

"Hello Nina" you greeted.You wrapped your jacket around your body a bit tighter.

"You coming down to the Corner?" She grinned.

"Not today Nina, the mobs here" you whispered.

She only let out a giggle before looping her arm around your own. Dragging you towards the crowd that were mixed with both whites and Blacks, you could feel your heart pounding in your chest at an alarming pace.

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