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john laurens instantly began having a better day when he heard someone new was coming to this place.

yes, he felt bad, but who knew, maybe he'd finally find someone like him in this kid.

"oo, i hope it's a girl," his friend, eliza schuyler, voiced as she fiddled with the end of her hair.

her older sister, angelica smiled. "that would be nice, but with our luck, it'll be another boy."

"at least we have maria!" the youngest girl, margarita 'peggy' schuyler hugged her best friend, a dark-skinned, dark haired girl who was almost peggy's spitting image.

angelica smiled. "that's true."

peggy was 11, as was maria. eliza was thirteen, like him, and angelica, the oldest, was fifteen. she looked out for both her sisters and maria, and john. john had basically been adopted into the schuyler family after having been dumped here.

ha. adopted. that's a funny word.

see, him and the schuylers ended up in the 'foster home' in a winter many years ago. he was only eight, when he was shoved around by some older boys, who were 18 by this point. seeing this, angelica stepped in, defending john in a flurry of expert use of a comb.

afterwards, angelica took him to meet her younger sisters in the first girls' room.

they had introduced themselves, as angelica patched up the bleeding scratch on his knee.

eliza and him had always been the closest. she was the only one who knew.

angelica always said that they would marry come the future, and both eliza and john would laugh.

they both knew it wasn't even in question.

"i hear he comes in an hour!"

john smiled at the accent of his friend lafayette. well, he went by lafayette anyways.

hercules mulligan followed laf into the room with a plate of slightly-smooshed cookies.

"since mistress jane is out, we did our best at making cookies!" herc exclaimed, as laf grinned.

"eat up," he said. "madame will be back in ten minutes."

the gang made a mad scramble for the cookies, and john snuck an extra into his pocket for the newcomer.

as they finished it, they heard the door open, and peggy shoved the tray under the couch. maria kicked it back farther.

"hello, children! did you finish cleaning? alexander will be here shortly!" mistress jane called, as the children tried their best to look like they had finished cleaning.

"yes, mistress jane! we've finished!" angelica called.

"good, good. get presentable!" she called back, and they heard the door to her room slam.

john pulled his curly hair back into a ponytail, following everyone down the hall to put on their nice, new clothes.

john's were slightly uncomfortable, so he changed the suit jacket and pants to jeans and a green turtleneck sweater.

when he emerged, he saw that his friends had done the same. eliza was in a cute blue crop-top with a white shirt under it, hiding her stomach, and a black skirt.

angelica and peggy were in similar outfits. the schuylers always matched.

maria was in a too-big red sweater, with a pair of black leggings. her hair was in a braid, a messy one, like peggy's. but they were both proud of their hair.

laf and herc were in jeans and sweatshirts. no suprise there.

mistress jane walked in, looking mad, and then the doorbell rang. her face instantly lit up in a phony smile, as she opened the door.

the kids scrambled for the couch, and the social worker dismissed the newcomer. the boy walked into the room, looking nervous.

being the nice person he is, john patted the seat next to him, and the boy nodded gratefully.

he had fair skin and dark hair, and his dark hair was shoulder-length, much like john's own. but the boy's hair was much straighter than his. nobody had hair less straight, john thought to himself.

the social worker patted the boy's head, and the boy flinched away as she walked away.

"alright, dear," mistress jane said, "i am mistress jane. you can room in boys' room number three. we have a spare bunk."

the boy nodded as john's heart sank. that was the room of thomas jefferson and his cronies.

after she left, john went to talk to him.

"hi, i'm john laurens," john offered, and the boy looked up at him.

"alexander hamilton."

"so.. why are you here?" john asked, and alexander looked away.

"that's fine," john said. "nobody ever wants to say on their first day. listen. your room is where some of the biggest bullies i've ever met sleep too. if you can, sneak into either girls' room one or boys' room 4. those are people you can trust."

"thanks for the heads up." alexander mumbled, and john nodded, heading off upstairs as mistress jane rang the curfew bell.

part one, complete!

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