Chapter 13

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It was the next day, and everyone could still smell and see the smoke coming from the auditorium throughout the University. The smoldering smell of old wood and steel was intoxicating in the air. It was a no-brainer that every class was canceled today.

Back where the Crucis Sentinels and the Aetheral Queen were staying, the six ladies were getting ready to start the day. Well, almost everyone... Blair was still asleep in her bed, snoring up a storm. Lycka and Chelsea were fixing breakfast, and Erika was doing her morning yoga and meditation. Cherie got up bright and early to work on her photos that she had taken at the crime scene.

Cherie decided to listen to her favorite podcast while she was working on her computer, "Hello, everyone. My name is Marguerite Fuchs, and this is September 6, 2014, version of 'The 1300 podcast; where we talk about what's happening in New York and around the world! Last night at Sycamore University a major gas explosion occurred at one of their campuses. Some say it was deliberate or faulty wiring. As they clean up Ground Zero, the Dean of the University claims that the 80-year-old auditorium is unsalvageable. The Marco Polo auditorium, that was used as an art exhibit for this week inspiring from 'monster attacks' across the campus."

"No, Marguerite, guess again," Cherie heckled. This was one of Cherie's bad habits, listening to podcasts and criticizing their points of view out loud.

"Fire Marshal William Conti had this to say about the largest fire and university's history, 'the Marco Polo auditorium was indeed a fire hazard, and we warned the Dean and most of the trustees about using the auditorium for public use. We just urged them to either temporarily shut down the hall and make the appropriate upgrades so they can be up to code, or simply don't use the auditorium anymore until they do.'"

"Then why didn't you shut it down yourself in the first place, Bill!?" Cherie questioned out loud.

"The university's budget has been a huge hot topic over the past five years as most of their revenue of the school did not go into remodeling other large buildings like the Hawthorne Cathedral, that was donated by Lois Hawthorne in 1919. The same Hawthorne Cathedral that became a murderous crime scene six months ago."

"Because the board of the directors is too busy putting money in their baseball team to even give a damn," Cherie corrected.

"The Metropolitan Police as this moment will not speak about what was the cause of the fire. Most speculate it was a group of vandals who were out last night hunting down some sort of monster who was responsible for the attacks the last school year. Once again, all of it is hearsay at the moment."

"No, it fucking isn't! That's the truth!" Cherie snapped.

"Another pressing matters throughout the world, Rahkaze Zayne is making a full recovery according to many news outlets in Dubai. We all held our breath when he was found beaten by terrorists in the Sahara desert. It has almost been a year since he has shown himself. Hearing the news that he was found alive, made everyone breathe a lot easier. Besides Rahkaze Zayne, there were no signs of other life as three other people were dead along with him."

"Yeah... Even though he can be an asshole, he didn't deserve that," Cherie sympathized.

"Shockingly silent throughout the entire ordeal by her eldest son, Revan Zayne decided not to talk about her feelings about what happened. Many people said that the Oleander Syndicate is to blame for her eldest son's attack."

"That because it's true and she's planning on killing all of them, duh!" Cherie laughed out loud.

"Even now, many are speculating what the Oleander Syndicate is. Reporting to have a net worth of $7.3 billion, there is nothing left to say about the Oleander Syndicate and what they actually do. However being entirely privately owned and funded, they haven't raised any red flags of any kind. The organization has been under fire for many decades with ties of devil worshiping and contract killing. Many speculate that they are the ones who are the real assailants behind the murders of a Christian-based University known as Sycamore University."

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